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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
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Friday, 24th November 2017 12:01 am - Poem for Friday and Great Falls Thanksgiving
i thank You God for most this amazingCollapse )

We had what would have been a nice low-key Thanksgiving had my desktop computer not had its graphics settings utterly screwed up by the latest Windows critical update (I know it was that because a system restore fixed the problem, but Windows promptly informed me it had to install the update again because it has some critical security issue). So once again I will probably be forced to spend my birthday/holiday money just to have a working desktop -- I am seriously thinking about getting just a docking station for my new laptop but I'm not sure how I can fit a new big monitor, laptop, and separate keyboard on my desk. Arrrrrgggghhh.

It was otherwise a very nice day; we watched the Thanksgiving parade and part of the Vikings-Lions game while eating and working on our computers, then we went to Great Falls to take a walk before picking up Maddy and going to my parents' for the Cowboys-Chargers game, then Thanksgiving dinner (for me that was tofurkey, veg stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cranberries, and carrot souffle, plus chocolate roll for dessert, all of which were awesome). When we got home so Adam could do some crucial work, we were in the mood for The Nightmare Before Christmas, so we watched that while DC pulled off a win against the Giants.

Autumn All OverCollapse )
Thursday, 23rd November 2017 12:11 am - Poem for Thanksgiving and New York Aquarium
ThanksgivingCollapse )

I have both kids home! In the morning, I dropped Daniel off at the Metro so he could meet a friend downtown for lunch while Paul was working. When he finished, we went to College Park to pick up Adam, who was in an academic building and needed to return to his apartment to pick up his clothes. Daniel took the Metro to College Park and we picked him up there too, after which we all came home and watched some Chopped around Daniel's borrowing my parents' treadmill and Adam doing a phone conference with people from one of his work projects.

Paul made shish kebabs for dinner, after which I subjected my kids to a couple of episodes of Yuri on Ice before we watched War for the Planet of the Apes, which is excellent, very well acted, much less violent than I was expecting given the level of violence in its immediate prequel, and laden with enough symbolism that Adam made comments about how if he were an English teacher, he would be commenting on what the film says about American mythology and the Bible. Family pics tomorrow so today, here are a few from the New York Aquarium's outdoor exhibits:

In the RainCollapse )
Wednesday, 22nd November 2017 12:04 am - Poem for Wednesday, Get Out, Cunningham Falls
Autumn Twilight, Dwelling Among MountainsCollapse )

Tuesday was another gorgeous November day! I had lunch with my friend Noelle, whom I've known since elementary school, though like several of my childhood friends, I've spoken to her more in the Facebook decade than in the two decades before that. We went to Goldberg's Bagels and talked politics, pop culture, and our families (and by coincidence the French teacher from our middle school came to get bagels, so I got to say hi to her, too). When we returned to our families, I took Daniel, who had had lunch with my father, to pick up his medical records from his pediatrician so that he'll have his immunization schedule in Seattle.

Daniel wanted to work out in the afternoon, so I did some work, took a walk, and tried to get Cinnamon to eat since she was sick last night and this morning (I think the Fancy Feast tuna primavera did not agree with her). Paul made black pepper (fake) chicken for dinner, then we watched this week's The Flash, and, because Daniel had not seen it and I'd watched it on a plane so the sound wasn't great, we watched Get Out, which is pretty terrifying and extremely well done. Our leaves are mostly brown now, so here are a few more photos of how autumn looked at Cunningham Falls with Paul's parents a couple of weeks ago:

Autumn on the MountainCollapse )
Tuesday, 21st November 2017 12:20 am - Poem for Tuesday and Golden Gardens Park
By The Autumn SeaCollapse )

I had a nice day mostly hanging out with family -- did some work while Daniel and Maddy slept in, took them to meet Paul for lunch where he works, took them to A.C. Moore and Target so Daniel could get drawing supplies and Maddy could get vegan food, took Maddy to work and Daniel to my parents' to use their treadmill, then had dinner with Paul and Daniel and watched Avengers: Age of Ultron with them and Cheryl long distance. (I also squeezed a Tyranitar raid in the park in there, which Daniel understands because he's playing Ultra Sun and Moon.) Now we're watching the sad aftermath of the Seahawks-Falcons game, though I don't think Daniel is too devastated that Seattle lost! In the city's honor, here are some photos from our visit last month to Golden Gardens Park:

Fall at the BeachCollapse )
Monday, 20th November 2017 12:11 am - Poem for Monday and Seneca Creek Autumn
At the WindowCollapse )

We had a low-key Sunday with Daniel, who slept late because he wasn't quite on East Coast time and wanted to work out before we went anywhere. So I spent the morning sorting beads and repurposing earrings, then we had lunch and went to Seneca Creek State Park to enjoy the gorgeous cool weather while there are still leaves on the trees. The Gaithersburg winter light festival isn't open for the season yet but the installations are in place, so we got to see some of those, too!

Seneca Creek State ParkCollapse )

We had to stop at Target on the way home to get kitty litter, then we went to my parents' for snacks, dinner, and the Patriots-Raiders game (the Ravens had already beaten Green Bay handily). When we came home we watched Eddie the Eagle because Daniel hadn't seen it and everything about that movie is pure joy. Now we're watching Madam Secretary very delayed by football, Maddy just got home from working all day, and the cats are taking turns trying to snuggle with Daniel on the couch.
Sunday, 19th November 2017 12:15 am - Poem for Sunday, Spider-Man, Family and Cats
Lineage Is Its Own ReligionCollapse )

Daniel is here! We spent the morning doing some cleaning to get ready for him, which included some spray painting and some ceiling hooks as well as some laundry, and then went to pick him up at Dulles. He had eaten lunch late, so we called my parents to see if they wanted to have dinner with us and they ended up taking us to the Original Pancake House.

Daniel had not seen Spider-Man: Homecoming and we just got it on disc last week, so we watched and very much enjoyed that -- fits in with my Marvel-themed week -- and appropriately we are now watching Saturday Night Live's hilarious skit about Batman using excessive force in non-white neighborhoods. Here are some pics of my cats, Daniel, Paul, and parents:

Family MembersCollapse )
Saturday, 18th November 2017 12:08 am - Poem for Saturday and Wright on the Walls
Night Is but a Shadow Cast by the SunCollapse )

I had a good Friday -- bit of work, bit of shopping, Suicune raid at Marriott headquarters with friends who work there, bubble tea at the mall, dinner with parents, Blindspot. Now I'm rushing because Cheryl and I decided we really needed to watch The Avengers again because of Thor and Loki.

Here are photos from the National Building Museum's Wright on the Walls exhibit, in which museum visitors were invited to help decorate drawings of some of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous structures (including cats, bats, monsters, "Impeach" speech bubbles, spaceships, and a penguin that I may have drawn:

Building MuseumCollapse )
Friday, 17th November 2017 12:01 am - Poem for Friday, The Orville, Hillwood Satyrs
The SatyrCollapse )

Laptop is wrangled! That is, I'm sure there are a lot of little things I'll want to tweak, but it's finished syncing with my Dropbox and Google Drive and it's up to speed now and I am loving the fast browser and backlit keyboard and superb track pad! I need to figure out why every program I own adjusts its fonts for the screen size except Photoshop, in which the menus are so small I can barely read them, and I need to figure out the advantages of OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice because I'm not paying for MS Word on yet another computer.

My day was good in other ways: the weather was gorgeous, I walked in the park, then I had a lot of shopping to do and it was all successful (Adam's bike, new towels, some holiday gifts, and, um, Taylor Swift's Reputation, plus the food store). This week's The Orville was not my favorite -- c'mon, Brannon Braga, mediocre TNG holodeck episodes are not the ones you should be trying to recreate -- nor was the Steelers' fourth-quarter blowout after a relatively close game with the Titans. From Hillwood this spring, little musical satyrs:

Little ChimerasCollapse )
Thursday, 16th November 2017 12:25 am - Poem for Thursday and Brookside Leaves
At night, by marriageCollapse )

Still wrangling laptop which is taking forever to sync my Google Drive, still working on various other chores that didn't get done yesterday while downloading programs. Not a lot to report from my day apart from a lovely long lunch at Mirch Masala in the mall with my friend Mel after raiding a Suicune and a Porygon, both of which I caught. Plus I walked in the park.

Rose visited us and the cats, then we watched some college football (don't quiz me on the games) and Designated Survivor, which now apparently wants to be Madam Secretary but has less well characterized family members and too many petty conspiracies. Here are some photos from Brookside Gardens a few weeks ago when the leaves were still very shiny:

Earlier This FallCollapse )
Wednesday, 15th November 2017 12:10 am - Poem for Wednesday and Seaglass Carousel
CarouselCollapse )

I spent all of Tuesday morning and half the afternoon waiting for FedEx to deliver my new laptop, which looks awesome -- backlit keyboard, touchscreen, great touchpad, DVD burner, everything I wanted -- though I had so many things to download and install that I really can't comment on whether it does the biggest thing I needed, namely works a lot faster than my old one!

I only half paid attention to The Flash while trying to get Photoshop installed, though I did catch the "You're a wizard, Harry" joke; we watched some of Ken Burns' Baseball too. I'm still midway through trying to get Freemake installed and my Start Menu organized, so I will keep this short and give you a few Seaglass Carousel photos from New York!

Seaglass CarouselCollapse )
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