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Friday, 23rd June 2017 12:11 am - Poem for Friday and Cat vs. Purse
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Thursday was a chore day, but, except for folding laundry, mostly fun chores. I was buying stuff in craft stores and framing photos and hanging things and in my spare time I was working on a Seattle trip Shutterfly book since they kindly had a freebie coupon ("YIPPEE" if you need it).

We watched the end of Long Strange Trip, which was sad. There were bunnies eating the grass outside and cats fighting over cardboard boxes and purse straps inside and really that's all the news, besides the Orioles losing to Cleveland again and the NBA draft happening but I didn't pay attention.

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Thursday, 22nd June 2017 12:21 am - Poem for Thursday, Washingtonian, The Zookeeper's Wife
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On Wednesday morning, while Adam was at the first day of the computer conference that was his excuse for going to Greece though he still got lunch overlooking the sea, Alice came over and we went to Ted's Bulletin for homemade pop tarts and milkshakes (well, and also eggs for me and bacon for her and hash browns for both of us), all of which were great. Then we walked around Washingtonian Lake, saw the geese, stopped in Charming Charlie and Kohl's, and I found out she's never seen Master and Commander so I know what we're doing next time!

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In the afternoon I did more cleaning and organizing, stopped at CVS, and did my PT exercises. We had chicken with pineapple for the summer solstice, then we watched The Zookeeper's Wife, which I really can't say that I liked -- way too many horrible things happen to people and animals alike, though it's bizarre to me how many people have an easier time with Nazis murdering Jews than with Nazis shooting camels. Chastain is pretty good but they've made her up to look much too perfect too much of the time; the zookeeper himself makes a more memorable impression.
Wednesday, 21st June 2017 12:08 am - Poem for Wednesday, Genius, Hillwood Orchids
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Tuesday was all chores, laundry and sorting and stuff, not really worth describing. Despite it being muggy, I did take a walk, and I met the new teeny frog living in the neighbors' fish pond that also has a slightly larger green frog, plus we now have several black squirrels in the neighborhood.

Adam went on a kayaking tour of beaches and caves in Rhodes, then rented a bike to visit the observatory, where he ate dinner and saw things 20,000 light years away. Plus, in his own words, he did some "parent-worrying rock climbing along the cliffs by the hotel where there were 6" colorful crabs."

We had veggie salisbury steak for dinner and watched the season finale of Einstein, which was great and sad though I wish there had been more explanation of how Einstein thought unified field theory should work -- later episodes had much more politics and personal life than physics. Hillwood in orchid season:

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Tuesday, 20th June 2017 12:22 am - Poem for Tuesday and Meadowlark Korean Garden
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We had thunderstorm warnings all day on Monday, so I was nervous when I ventured out for PT (which went well, he doesn't want to see me for two weeks and ordered me to keep doing lots of exercises), and I came straight home though the rain didn't start till the middle of the afternoon. I spent that time swapping two bookcases in Daniel's room, most recently inhabited by Maddy, which took hours and hours because I had to shift and sort books too. Now the overflowing bookcase in the hall is overflowing slightly less.

Adam spent the afternoon in Greece sightseeing in Kalithea and visiting Rhodes' Crusader castle, from which you can see Turkey, plus eating food that looks amazing. We had Middle Eastern (fake) chicken and Mediterranean couscous for dinner in his honor and watched two more episodes of Long Strange Trip followed by Still Star-Crossed, the latter of which is still terribly written and yet I can't look away. Here are some photos of Meadowlark Gardens' Korean bell garden from earlier in the spring:

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Monday, 19th June 2017 12:12 am - Poem for Monday, Father's Day, Long Strange Trip
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The first thing I did when I woke up on Father's Day was to check my messages from Adam, who was on a cruise around the island of Rhodes with stops at several coves to swim and a few hours in Lindos, which has an ancient acropolis and a 14th century Crusader castle. Then, after a bunch of morning chores and the Sunday paper, we picked up my parents and drove to meet Paul's parents in Thurmont at the Mountain Gate buffet, where we all had too much pie!

Since the Russian puppet was at Camp David, meaning a lot of Catoctin National Park was closed, and it was awfully hot out for walking around at the Grotto of Lourdes, we went to the Emmitsburg Antique Mall for entertainment after lunch. We didn't buy much (my mother got some Corningware, I got a carnival glass container and a couple of little glass salt cellars) but we had a good time looking at all the collectibles, household objects, and occasional objets d'art.

We managed to Skype Daniel for a few minutes (Adam was in a famous Parrot Bar and unavailable for chatting). Eventually we went our separate ways and dropped my parents off at home -- it was also their anniversary -- before coming home and watching the first three episodes of Amazon's Grateful Dead documentary miniseries Long Strange Trip, which is interesting but not as illuminating as PBS via the BBC's Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution!

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Sunday, 18th June 2017 12:46 am - Poem for Sunday and Brookside Butterflies
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I got up relatively early for a Saturday to message Adam while he was in the airport in Munich en route to Greece, where he arrived several hours later and went to see the beach and boats right near his hotel in Rhodes! It was otherwise a quiet chore-related morning. After lunch, we went to meet Alice, Jeremy, and Avery at the mall, which was unexpectedly mobbed (though Alice and I got bubble tea anyway), then a walk in Cabin John Park.

Paul and I made a long-overdue visit to Giant before dinner to get -- well, pretty much everything -- then had veggie burgers and riblets for dinner before Doctor Who (again this season I like the cast better than the scripting but I liked The Unexpected Person At The End), Orphan Black (my poor sisters and DIE FERDINAND DIE), and Graham Norton with Rachel Weisz. Butterflies from Brookside Gardens earlier this spring:

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Saturday, 17th June 2017 12:48 am - Poem for Saturday, Son and Cat, Handmaid's Tale
A Young Poet in His Twenty-Fourth YearCollapse )

I had a nice busy Bloomsday getting Adam ready to go to Greece, which involved a CVS stop for travel size items and a lot of getting things organized. Both my parents stopped by to say bon voyage before we took him to Dulles, and now he is presumably over the Atlantic while we are watching the superb season finale of The Handmaid's Tale, which has fantastic musical choices and ends pretty much where the book did so I am both excited and nervous about what they plan to do for season two.

Here are some photos of Adam's week -- visiting with his longtime friend Daniel who's here from Oklahoma (Daniel's grandfather makes a guest appearance in one pic), being stalked -- and having his computer stalked -- by Effie who wanted to stay in his lap, and being seen off by relatives!

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Friday, 16th June 2017 12:34 am - Poem for Friday, Lego Batman, Renfaire Kittens
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I had PT on Thursday morning, which went really well because I'd taken migraine medicine the day before and my back and everything else were feeling as good as they get. Not sure it was an accurate reflection of my usual condition but now I get to do Dying Bug Squats! I spent the afternoon doing some rearranging upstairs -- now that Maddy is not here, I can put some things back in Daniel's room that had been moved, and I keep finding new things in there that need to be cleaned. I had quite a bit of feline help until the help fell asleep.

Adam needed to stop at the mall for the bank and currency exchange, so we had dinner there (he and I had hummus and felafel at Cava, Paul had a chicken club sandwich). Then we came home and watched The Lego Batman Movie since Adam had not seen it and we just got it on Blu-Ray; it's still completely delightful (and the Target package comes with a Lego minifig plus postcards). From the Virginia Renfaire, here are Feline Victory Rescue kitties for which the Borgo Medioevale vineyard raises money selling their cider and fruit butters:

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Thursday, 15th June 2017 12:29 am - Poem for Thursday and Homestead Goats
Little GoatCollapse )

Paul took one car to work and Adam took the other to College Park, so I spent the whole day in and near the house doing chores, which was fine because there was a lot that got blown off over the weekend while I had company. The cats are out of sorts with me suddenly being the only person in the house so much of the day, so they were extremely helpful. I had the news on at first to see what was going on with the London fire, but once it was consumed by the Congressional baseball practice shooter story, I couldn't take any more.

Instead I took a walk, did my PT exercises, chatted with neighbors (we have new ones next door), things like that. Adam stayed at UMCP until late in the evening hanging out with his friends, so we had leftover pizza for dinner and watched some Bones -- we are finally up to the one episode I'd seen before we started watching from the beginning, the 200th episode Hitchcock homage which is much more fun knowing the characters. Here are some of the Homestead Farm goats whom we saw this weekend after picking blueberries:

Spring GoatsCollapse )
Wednesday, 14th June 2017 01:10 am - Poem for Wednesday and Canal in Summer
I Hide Myself Within My FlowerCollapse )

Another quickie because Adam got home around midnight and is telling us about his day and we are watching the London fire in horror. My day was not terribly exciting: orthopedist in the morning, who told me to continue physical therapy as he doesn't see any reason to try cortisone shots when it's not like I need this resolved immediately (he saw me at my worst since I'd just been sitting in traffic on Connecticut Avenue with my foot on the brake, one of the most painful things for me right now).

I took a walk in the neighborhood just as the Pokemon Solstice event started, though I didn't realize it at the time, so I caught enough Cyndaquils to evolve a Typhlosion, whoo! I also took a trip to CVS for some necessities and did a bunch of chores. We had leftover Indian food for dinner and watched Genius, which is both brilliant and distressing. Here are some animal photos from the C&O Canal last week:

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