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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
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Friday, 22nd March 2019 12:46 am - Poem for Friday and Brookside Blooming
The Master PlanCollapse )

Adam and Katherine drove here in the rain on Thursday morning and we celebrated Purim by getting bagels and hamantaschen at Bagel City. I had no idea that chocolate-dipped marzipan hamantaschen existed and now they are my favorite food, even more than chocolate-dipped macaroons. I may become addicted! After lunch, Katherine and I did a Tyranitar raid, then we came back here and watched Avengers: Infinity War because she hadn't seen it (after a few minutes of One Night With the King, which we thought we might watch for Purim but not even John Rhys-Davies made it tolerable).

Adam drove Katherine to meet her father near his office before dinner (shish taouk and saffron rice for Nowruz), during which time Maryland's basketball team survived the first round of their NCAA tournament draw. After dinner, we watched The Orville, which I enjoyed though it was a straight-up TNG ripoff with a side plot about yet another addiction problem plaguing Moclans. Then we watched some more basketball until we realized it was going to run into Colbert's hour, sigh. Here are some photos from Brookside Gardens last weekend when there was a lot more sunshine than we've had on this first day of spring:

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Thursday, 21st March 2019 12:42 am - Poem for Thursday, Local Daffodils, Before We Go
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Adam went to visit his girlfriend in Fredericksburg all day Wednesday, so I had a pretty normal, boring day of getting things done and enjoying the weather. Around lunchtime, I met people in the park for a raid and took a walk to see the hillside of crocuses; then, after a stop at CVS for shampoo on sale, I also took a walk around my neighborhood because there are daffodils blooming everywhere:

Paul made tzimmes (stewed potatoes, yams, butternut squash, carrots, and fruit) for Purim, plus we had hamantaschen from my parents while we watched Before We Go, which I saw was free on Vudu and had had on my list because of Chris Evans and Alice Eve (the best reasons to watch it as the screenplay is meh), then caught up on The Flash (once again the season is going on too long).

2019-03-20 19.21.16
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Wednesday, 20th March 2019 12:08 am - Poem for Wednesday, Great Falls Walk, The Front Runner
The Enkindled SpringCollapse )

I had a nice Tuesday afternoon with Adam, who worked all morning before deciding to take a break. We went to Yuan Fu Vegetarian for lunch, then took a walk at Great Falls, where it was sunny and cool though not so much so that we didn't see a couple of turtles, a heron, some ducks, and a great many vultures. There weren't a lot of people, though there was a lot of construction going on to repair the sides of the canal, and a bunch of kayakers arrived just as we were leaving. Our FIOS mostly behaved after I spent half the night on live chat getting them to reset my router.

2019-03-19 14.57.00
Pre-EquinoxCollapse )

After dinner (vegetarian meatloaf and scalloped potatoes) we watched The Front Runner, which I felt weird about because it stars Hugh Jackman as the father of someone with whom I went to high school. The son is barely in the movie, which doesn't make Gary Hart sympathetic or likeable no matter what anyone thinks of how the press treated him. It's kinder to Lee Hart and to Donna Rice, who went through everything Monica Lewinsky did years earlier. The film is well-acted and interesting though very talky, but I'm not sure what it's trying to say about sex and politics.
Tuesday, 19th March 2019 01:01 am - Greetings from FIOS Hell
My FIOS is flickering in and out and I'm trying to chat with Verizon while typing this, so I'll keep it quick. It was a quiet Monday anyway: Paul went to work, Adam went to his internship at NASA, and I went to do chores, plus a walk in the park since the threatened snow and wintry mix never arrived -- we barely even had drizzle. I did exciting things like laundry and trying to fix our #&$@ing cable. Also got a jury duty summons for right before Passover so hopefully if they put me on a jury it's a very short case!

Adam got home from NASA just in time for dinner, after which he watched the Black Lightning season finale with us (all CW shows should be short seasons) and this week's The Enemy Within, which was pretty good though this week's previews were very misleading. I am still trying to get my internet straightened out and any web page that loads as I scroll like Facebook and Flickr is being very difficult, so I shall just post some happy frisky spring peeper frogs and frog eggs from Huntley Meadows on Sunday:

AmphibiousCollapse )
Monday, 18th March 2019 12:35 am - Greetings from Huntley Meadows
It was colder on Sunday than Saturday, but sunny and beautiful, so after a big Irish breakfast of soda bread, eggs, veggie sausage, and veggie "blood" pudding, we went with Adam to Huntley Meadows. We never made it there last year, so we hadn't seen all the new dams the beavers had built and the new patters in the wetlands. We didn't see beavers, just their work, though we did see geese, ducks, coots, cormorants, tadpoles, frogs, crows, an osprey, and a wide variety of turtles, plus lots of trees with buds.

Alexandria SpringCollapse )

My parents came over during the NCAA tournament selection show -- Go Terps, number 6 seed! -- to have pizza and to see Adam, who then went to hang out with a friend who's also at home. We watched this week's Supergirl (not my favorite Lex but not my least favorite either; not a good Kara or Alex episode sadly), Billions (hahahaha you people all deserve each other, especially Axe and Taylor), and Madam Secretary (if only things actually worked like that, though I'm fine with this show pretending that they do).
Sunday, 17th March 2019 12:33 am - Greetings from Brookside
Quickie as Adam is here on spring break and we're all watching the Rolling Stones on public television (the Fonda Theatre concert where they did all of Sticky Fingers) because SNL is a rerun. He didn't get here till 7 p.m., so earlier Paul and I went to Brookside Gardens to see what was blooming. There were daffodils, lenten roses, crocuses, snowdrops, some just-planted annuals, orchids in the conservatory, plus there were at least 50 turtles in the lower ponds and some geese and a heron in the upper one near the tea house. We stopped at MOM's and Giant for human and cat food, and after son arrived, we watched Aquaman since he had not seen it (he had mocking comments to make throughout, but says he enjoyed it). Here are a few Brookside pics:

Spring in the GardenCollapse )
Saturday, 16th March 2019 12:52 am - Poem for Saturday and Flowering Trees
Dear ReaderCollapse )

Friday was just as beautiful as Thursday -- we had thunderstorms forecast and the weather on my phone even reported that it was raining a couple of times, but I never felt one drop. Instead it was partially overcast and in the 70s, with the plum trees blooming in Cabin John Park. I had to make a couple of stops like the UPS store and the Corner Bakery, so since I was out in that direction, I got to enjoy the park and do a couple of lunchtime Pokemon raids:

2019-03-15 13.27.03
Plum BlossomsCollapse )

My cat Effie just tried to climb up an open shelving unit for the second time this week and broke a bunch of stuff in my room, so the rest of the summary, quickly: we had dinner with my parents, came home to watch Blindspot, started watching Samantha Bee until she started making excuses for Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitism at which point we turned her off, watched Dennis DeYoung in concert on PBS, and we're still waiting to hear when Adam might come for spring break.
Friday, 15th March 2019 01:24 am - Poem for Friday and Frogsong
Spring PeepersCollapse )

It was 70 degrees on Thursday! Meaning I got almost nothing done because I was busy enjoying the weather! We have more crocuses in the neighborhood, and when I went to the park, I could hear the spring peepers from the parking lot before I'd even crossed the bridge by the nature center. I did my best to take photos, but the frogs were very well hidden despite being very loud, so although I promise that they are in some of the photos below, as are birds, you are better off listening to the video!

2019-03-14 16.43.01
Spring PeepingCollapse )

Facebook was back up, but one of my groups exploded with political disagreement (pro-lifers always show their true colors eventually) so I should simply have avoided it. Paul made spicy pot pie for pi day, and we watched ACC basketball because Daniel wanted to Skype and we weren't exactly sure when. Of course UNC and Duke won, and the Terps had already lost earlier in the day, so it was not a good sports day for us, but Daniel was cheerful about his various hikes and game nights, so that's all good.
Thursday, 14th March 2019 01:14 am - Poem for Thursday, Local Flowers, Free Solo
Night on the MountainCollapse )

I probably don't need to tell anyone who can read this that Facebook and Instagram were not working for much of Wednesday -- a lot of us couldn't post or leave comments on posts. So although I should have spent less time on social media, I probably spent even more seeing whether things were working yet! Pokemon Go was testing a "lunch hour" raid event where nearly every local gym had a raid between 12-1 p.m., so I met some buddies to do a couple of those, then I went to Five Below and a couple of other stores on Rockville Pike for things like Wonder Woman socks.

We started watching Epic Yellowstone, but as with all nature documentaries they cut away from the natural wonders and started showing animals killing other animals right away. So we turned that off and watched the Oscar-winning Free Solo, the documentary about Alex Honnold climbing El Capitan with no safety gear to catch him if he slipped -- my takeaway is that he seems emotionally stunted despite his feat, not trusting that love is real and ignoring his own sense of self-preservation to impress unimpressable parents. Signs spring is coming, including our first daffodils:

Slowly Toward SpringCollapse )
Wednesday, 13th March 2019 01:14 am - Poem for Wednesday and Great Falls Water
The Lake Isle Of InnisfreeCollapse )

On Tuesday I had lunch at the Fontina Grille with three friends from high school -- well, two of them I've actually known since elementary school -- which was lovely, as we had a lot to catch up on even though I saw two of them not long ago (we are determined to make meeting up a regular thing, since for many years it's been only at the Super Bowl party). Then, since I was at, I stopped at Target to get their exclusive edition of The Crimes of Grindelwald and some summer PJs. B&N next door had a bunch of DVDs on sale for $5 plus I had a gift card, and I only looked at the ones that came with streaming copies, so now I have The Crying Game and Ex Machina on Vudu.

Paul made pancakes for Free Pancake Day rather than braving IHOP's lines, then we watched The Flash, which is yet again dragging out a storyline too long -- I don't care whether Cicada eats everyone in Central City at this point -- followed by the second hour of the latest Celtic Woman concert on PBS, which I should have watched all of based on my overall enjoyment level even though I prefer Mary Fahl's version of "Going Home" and lots of people's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as well. Now I'm watching Gordon Ramsay and James Corden compete on treadmills to answer questions about each other's areas of expertise, food and boy bands. By request, more Great Falls!

Rushing River, Dry CanalCollapse )
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