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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
Wednesday, 23rd October 2019 12:11 am - Poem for Wednesday and Baby Sharks
A Shark is a PetCollapse )

Tuesday started overcast and quickly turned into another day of chilly rain. I never feel like I get anything done on days like this, even if I get a bunch of work and chores done before I go out just to breathe different air (in this case mostly in the car, since I had to pick something up). So I don't have a lot to report!

Apart from the new The Rise of Skywalker trailer, the only thing I've watched has been the first game of the Nationals-Astros World Series, a nail-biter which ended well! I somehow didn't realize that Soto isn't even old enough to drink. From the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, in honor of the Nats' Gerardo Parra, (baby) sharks!

2019-10-14 13.40.34
What Big Teeth You HaveCollapse )
Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 12:53 am - Poem for Tuesday and Historic Atlantic City
Atlantic CityCollapse )

I had an early lab appointment to have blood drawn for my checkup next week, so I started my day hungry and a little woozy though I got the really good phlebotomist. So I stopped to get bagels on the way home, ate one when I got there, then went back out to enjoy the gorgeous weather after our Sunday of rain. After rushing to the Pinchot Forestry Building to get a Halloween Squirtle -- the fall colors near Rock Creek Park are quite lovely -- I met gamers for a Darkrai raid and hung out with some of them for a while before going to Walgreens, then came home for laundry and work.

We watched last week's and this week's episodes of Black Lightning, whose conspiracy is getting too convoluted for my taste -- like The Gifted, I preferred it as a family drama without an insane amount of onscreen violence. Since the Patriots were easily beating the Jets, we then watched the insane season finale of On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Here are some glimpses of historic Atlantic City, where the life-size Monopoly board is gone, but the street name tributes remain. (Trigger warning for a former Trump property in similar condition to his presidency!)

2019-10-12 14.39.03
Miss America and MonopolyCollapse )
Monday, 21st October 2019 12:14 am - Poem for Monday and Brookside Chrysanthemums
six apologies, lordCollapse )

Tropical Storm Nestor dumped rain over the DC area from dawn till dusk, making it a dark, gloomy, wet Sunday. Which is okay, since it was a dry end of summer and I want the fall color to last, but I'd rather it have been on a weekday. We had a quiet morning, had soup and crackers for lunch, then went to Brookside Gardens to see the carnations in the conservatory, hoping the rain would let up enough to make a walk through what's left of the outdoor flowers appealing, though it came down steadily.

2019-10-20 15.12.56
Fall ColorsCollapse )

We'd watched the beginning of DC's soggy, boring loss to San Francisco and came home to the surprise of the Ravens' defense beating the Seahawks' offense. Sunday is a crowded TV night now that the fall network season has started; we watched Batwoman, which I enjoyed a lot, Supergirl, which needed more Lena and a lot less Brainy/Nia, and Madam Secretary, which sometimes helps restore my faith in political rhetoric -- these days I will choose a bit didactic and oversimplified over the real world!
Sunday, 20th October 2019 01:08 am - Greetings from the National Postal Museum
Quickie, have been watching Houston beat the Yankees after a stressful ninth inning -- if the Nationals are fated not to win the World Series, at least I won't have to watch them lose to the Yankees. Earlier we watched some of the Michigan-Penn State football game, but it looked like the Wolverines were going to lose and we'd already watched the sad spectacle of Maryland fail to come back against Indiana. In between, we caught up on Supergirl and Emergence, so that was lots of woman power to balance the sports, particularly the latter which is turning into a sort of Westworld-lite domestic drama (I'm waiting for Emily to be what Piper is, and on the former, WTF LENA!). Plus we went to Giant to get provisions for the week and cat treats.

Earlier we went downtown to the National Postal Museum, which was hosting the North American branch of the Royal Philatelic Society's 150th anniversary celebration, whose theme was George VI's 1939 visit to Washington, DC (they went through Union Station across the street, where we parked). George VI and FDR were both stamp collectors, but most of what I learned was about other historical stuff, like how mail got out of British WWII internment camps for Italians and how Persia taxed all postcards because they had to be inspected to make sure they displayed no pornographic images. The exhibit was in a small space packed with collectors who outclass any comic nerds I have encountered in their knowledge of minutiae like color variation!

2019-10-19 13.57.17
The King's StampsCollapse )
Saturday, 19th October 2019 12:59 am - Lyrics for Saturday and Boardwalk Casinos
The GamblerCollapse )

We had gorgeous weather on Friday, so after I got a bunch of work done in the morning, I went to the park and took a long walk! It was otherwise not an eventful day, Starbucks and Pokemon, but when it's so nice out and it's a Friday, that is fine with me.

We had dinner with my parents, then caught up on the Madam Secretary and Batwoman we missed while we were away last weekend. Speaking of last weekend, here are some of the casinos in Atlantic City (thankfully there are no open ones named Trump)!

2019-10-12 14.54.45
Know When To Walk Away and Know When To RunCollapse )
Friday, 18th October 2019 12:24 am - Poem for Friday and Adventure Aquarium
Drifting Flowers of the SeaCollapse )

Shutterfly sent me a coupon this morning for a free calendar and a free photo book, so there went my entire day -- now all the family calendars for 2020 have been ordered, since the rest were 50% off with free shipping, so that's one big holiday task out of the way before November. But I didn't get a lot else done! Pokemon Go's Halloween event started at 4 p.m., so I caught a few Pikachu in costume, a couple of Yamasks, and one Darkrai at a raid in the park, but that was the only time I got out all day.

It was an insane news day, between Brexit, Turkey, high crimes and misdemeanors in the White House, post-debate shenanigans, and the local death of Elijah Cummings, so I tried to catch up on that before dinner. We watched the last two episodes of Succession for this season, in which Shiv discovers that she has a heart, Roman discovers that he has courage, and Kendall discovers that he has a brain...does that make Logan the wizard? Here are Paul and myself being adults at Adventure Aquarium:

2019-10-14 11.00.33
Fishy in CamdenCollapse )
Thursday, 17th October 2019 12:26 am - Poem for Thursday and Philadelphia Museum of Art
SerenadeCollapse )

I don't even know where Wednesday went. As one of my mom's friends said, between staying up too late celebrating the Nationals' victory and the rain that lasted nearly till dusk, making it a very dark day, it was hard to get moving. I still don't even have my trip laundry folded! I had planned to stop by my parents' to pick up my Loki dress but the straps aren't finished yet, so I didn't even leave the house till late afternoon when the rain stopped, and the sidewalks were so slippery that I decided to skip walking in the park.

I did a couple of raids during the Wednesday raid hour, both from the car at gyms accessible from a parking lot. We watched this week's The Masked Singer, which had an unmasking I loved, then caught up on On Becoming a God in Central Florida, which was a little too absurd and less sharp than other episodes, and this week's Stumptown, which needs to let Smulders use her comedic chops. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has several rooms of architectural and decorative items moved in their entirety that I love:

Rooms in RoomsCollapse )
Wednesday, 16th October 2019 12:25 am - Poem for Wednesday and Adventure Aquarium Penguins
The Interpretation of BaseballCollapse )

The Nationals have swept the Cardinals and are World Series-bound after a fantastic first inning and solid pitching when they needed it the rest of the game! And now you know what I spent my evening watching (on TV -- my father and his friend were there). My loyalty is still first to the Orioles, but it is exciting to have a local team going to a championship (maybe even beating the Yankees).

So there is lots of joy in DC tonight. Most of my day was not as thrilling, unpacking and laundry, though I did have lunch with Kay for her birthday at CPK, after which I walked around Washingtonian Lake, did a couple of Giratina raids with folks I'd never met, and bought a chenille sweater on sale at Target. Here are some of the little blue and African penguins at Adventure Aquarium:

Camden PenguinsCollapse )
Tuesday, 15th October 2019 12:16 am - Greetings from Home
We are back after a very nice weekend in and around New Jersey, to which we returned today after breakfast in our hotel with Tracey and Ceanna who needed to get back to Long Island before it got too late. So Paul and I said goodbye to them and went to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, which we last visited a few years ago with Adam and Maddy while she was living on this coast. It's not as big as the National Aquarium in Baltimore but it has several things they don't, including two species of penguin, a shark tunnel, and hippos! We had lunch in their cafeteria (which has Beyond Burgers) overlooking the Delaware River with Philadelphia and got home for a late dinner with our cats, who were happy to sit with us while the Nationals played a great game against the Cardinals. More pics when I am less sleepy!

2019-10-14 13.35.08A
Underwater CamdenCollapse )
Monday, 14th October 2019 12:22 am - Greetings from Philadelphia
Still staying outside of Philadelphia, where I had a fabulous day with Paul, my college roommate Tracey, and her friend Ceanna, with whom I did a Pokemon raid and everything. We had breakfast together and went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where we saw pretty much everything in the extensive European and Asian galleries and had lunch, though we were getting tired by the time we reached the American collection. So we drove to Penn and walked from 34th and Chestnut to 40th and Walnut by way of Locust Walk, which is substantially the same as I remember it although most of the shops along Walnut and Sansom Streets have changed -- certainly the bookstore, now run by Barnes and Noble, though not the New Deck Tavern, where we had dinner. Afterward we swung by Penn's Landing to see the holographic ghost ship, though we couldn't find street parking and the lots were not right nearby and quite expensive, so we settled for viewing it from the car!

2019-10-13 16.16.14A
School, Art, ShipCollapse )
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