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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
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Saturday, 25th May 2019 01:07 am - Greetings from Takoma Park
Brace yourselves for no poems for a few days! We have had a very busy Friday that started with getting up at the crack of dawn because the plumber was coming to replace the kitchen faucet, which stopped working yesterday right before we left for graduation. They were nice enough to fit us in, and I had the brainstorm to get a replacement faucet for the upstairs hall bathroom and ask whether they could replace that too since the hot water handle (probably original to the house decades ago) had stopped working completely. So now when Daniel and Adam get home, they will have working water in the right places and hopefully no water leaking anywhere -- if the roof survived yesterday's storm, I figure it must finally be fixed!

I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up Daniel's room post-closet rebuild, which entailed a lot of sorting of magazines he needs to tell us whether he wants to ship to Seattle or recycle. Then we cooked some samosas, grabbed a few graduation presents, and met Adam at the home of Katherine's college roommate and her family for a party. I only knew Katherine's parents and brother there, but we met several other parents and university professors who were lovely, and we watched kids play badminton, ate lots of excellent cheese and cake, and nearly had our food stolen by an adorable dog named Neo. Now I'm exhausted again, but Flickr is working after its server move and I can organize graduation pics!

2019-05-24 20.07.56A
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Friday, 24th May 2019 01:14 am - Greetings from the University of Maryland
Got home after 11 p.m. following UMCP graduation, to which we drove in a horrific thunderstorm and tornado warning with my parents but the rain stopped literally as we were parking at the Xfinity Center, where we got to see Adam receive his dual degree in math and computer science along with his girlfriend Katherine and other friends, in a lovely though long ceremony given the number of STEM majors, with a very nice keynote speech by Clay Siegall, the co-founder of Seattle Genetics and a UMCP alum. The ceremony started late because of the storm, so we weren't outside till 8 p.m. and ended up going back with Katherine's family to my parents' house for pizza and cake because the local traffic near restaurants was so crazy. We are all very happy and proud and exhausted! Flickr is still down, so here are just a couple of pics with more to follow:

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Thursday, 23rd May 2019 01:17 am - Greetings from Graduation Week
My day was all chores, and I have a bunch more to get done before tomorrow afternoon when we are going to College Park for Adam's graduation from the University of Maryland's College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences. (The full university commencement ceremony, which requires tickets so we couldn't take my parents, is on Friday, but Adam wants to go to a graduation party instead of to hear Wallace Loh and Michael Bloomberg speak, so since he gets his degree -- actually a dual degree in math and computer science -- on Thursday, I think we're not going to that one.)

All the excitement around here is that our neighbors are getting their roof replaced, so theirs will look as new as ours before they rent out the house again, so there was hammering and sawing and the cats were incredibly displeased to have more noise. We watched the live All in the Family/The Jeffersons event and I was amazed at how well the social commentary in the scripts held up with the exception of some of the language. Also, the orgy on What We Do in the Shadows was a riot. Flickr is down for maintenance, so tonight you're getting a rerun of Daniel's graduation:

Graduation RerunCollapse )
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 01:00 am - Poem for Wednesday and Washingtonian Waterfowl
The Vacuum Cleaner's RevengeCollapse )

I had SO many chores to get done Tuesday and I only got a quarter of them done and the rest of my week is going to be completely crazy! And the vacuum is still broken and I don't want to buy a new one just because I don't have time to get this one fixed, but I really, really need to vacuum. Older son's room is somewhat put back together -- we only put a couple of pictures back on the wall and moved the full-length mirror and the entire contents of the closet is down the basement, but it's clean and the cats are now willing to sleep on the bed!

Paul was going to make vegan "crab" cakes over the weekend but realized the chick peas needed to soak for a long time, so he put that off till tonight while I was upstairs sorting books, and they were awesome. We put off watching The 100 and Fosse/Verdon to see the premiere of Blood & Treasure, which is extremely predictable and knows it (actual makes references to Indiana Jones and Dan Brown while ripping off their scenes), but it's fun and the leads have chemistry. Here are the growing baby birds at Lake Washingtonian:

2019-05-17 19.23.36
Goslings and DucklingsCollapse )
Tuesday, 21st May 2019 01:13 am - Poem for Tuesday and Potomac River
I Hid My LoveCollapse )

I had a nice Monday for a Monday, after moving some furniture around in Daniel's room (we are hoping to have both Daniel and Adam's rooms clear enough to walk through by the time they are both here). I met Kay for lunch at Tara Thai, walked around the lake to see the goslings, though I got no great photos because part of the walk is closed for construction, then when Paul came home we went out to get haircuts and get stuff at CVS.

Since we ran late, we had leftover Indian food for dinner. It's season finale season so we watched the hilarious and touching closer for Legends of Tomorrow and what might end up being the series finale if NBC doesn't do something for The Enemy Within, with A Discovery of Witches in between since we missed it when it aired. At least that is definitely continuing. Here are some photos of the high water at Great Falls over the last weekend:

Over the FallsCollapse )
Monday, 20th May 2019 12:46 am - Greetings from Baltimore
Extreme quickie because I'm watching Game of Thrones. Paul and I spent a delightful Sunday in Baltimore with Denise, with whom we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art for the last full weekend of the fantastic Monsters & Myths: Surrealism and War in the 1930s and 1940s exhibit, plus the amazingly creative Delights of an Undirected Mind as well as Expressions of Nature: Early 20th-Century Landscapes.

We also had lunch at Sakoon Indian Fusion near the restaurant, and went to the Inner Harbor and Carroll Park to catch Torchics since it was a Pokemon Community Day. Then we came home for the season finales of Supergirl (quite satisfying) and Les Miserables (really good, especially Javert, though Marius is even more of a twit than he always is). There were too many GoT memes for me not to want to watch the late showing of the finale, so more tomorrow!

2019-05-19 14.27.09
Art and ParksCollapse )
Sunday, 19th May 2019 01:06 am - Greetings from Great Falls
The repair company arrived bright and early to touch up the paint and check the closet door track, so I am cautiously optimistic that the major repairs are finished in the upstairs bedroom and we can put it back together before older son arrives next week! After lunch, we went to Great Falls, where the goslings and many turtles had apparently moved upstream by the canal because of repair work, but there were ducklings right by the visitor center and a big cranky-looking snapper near the canal construction, plus herons flying over the very high water of the river:

Summer Is ComingCollapse )

We stopped at the Bethesda Co-op on the way home. Paul wanted to watch the Preakness, so even though I keep saying I am never looking at horse racing again, I saw the race and worried a lot about the horse that threw its rider at the start getting involved in an accident. (One of the fillies died at Pimlico yesterday and the sport really needs to stop.) It's fitting that the horse nearly bumped by the disqualified Derby winner ended up winning. We watched the Nationals game, then the rerun of last season's SNL finale before this season's started.
Saturday, 18th May 2019 01:27 am - Poem for Saturday and Maymont Mansion
Happy HourCollapse )

My Friday had several nice surprises. We didn't get as much rain as was forecast in the morning, so I got to go for a walk in the park. The repair people not only steam cleaned the carpet in the upstairs bedroom closet, but the entire bedroom, so it's the cleanest it has been since older son was about 6. And Karen and Jim were unexpectedly available for dinner, so we went to the Yard House, which has lots of inexpensive happy hour appetizers including many vegetarian options -- the food was very good and we hadn't seen them in ages, so that was lovely!

There were new Pokemon released in PoGo today too, but I haven't caught them yet, though I confess I started a new account for raiding -- it's reached level 21 in 3 days. We got home in time for Agents of SHIELD, whose timelines have me confused but at least May is getting tons to do, then we caught up on Cloak and Dagger (so dark and violent, though I appreciate that they're doing a decent job with the Voudon practices) before Graham Norton with Octavia Spencer and Will Smith. Here are some photos from Maymont of their casual, accessible decorating style:

Wings of FancyCollapse )
Friday, 17th May 2019 12:54 am - Poem for Friday and Lewis Ginter Butterflies
To A ButterflyCollapse )

It was really nice out on Thursday, sunny and not too hot, so it was just as well I had chores that had to be done out of the house, because it gave me an excuse to spend two hours walking in the park. The in-house chores are hopeless this week but hopefully tomorrow the repairs will be conclusively FINISHED, as they are supposed to be, and then I can spend five days putting our sons' rooms back together before the younger one graduates and the older one arrives for a visit.

You may have noticed that I'm not talking about politics: that's because all I can do is scream, and my focused energy has gone to writing letters to people who can actually do things. None of you need me to post a meme to know my position on reproductive rights! We watched the finale of The Big Bang Theory, which was sweet, then we caught up on Gentleman Jack, which was great, and Billions, which was mean. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens butterflies:

Wings of FancyCollapse )
Thursday, 16th May 2019 01:25 am - Greetings from Chaos
One day I'm going to be organized but it's apparently not happening this week and probably not happening this month, considering that we have a graduation next week and then traveling and meanwhile we have bookcases blocking an upstairs bathroom and piles of stuff on Adam's room's floor. Paul got me up crazy early to try to do some organizing in son's room now that the closet is rebuilt, but until they replace the closet carpet, there's a lot we can't do, and we're not sure whether they're going to inspect the paint which looks like it's peeling already along one wall. On a positive note, this is the 4000th thing to go wrong with the house this month and I did not threaten anyone on Twitter over it.

It was gorgeous out and I did take a nice walk in the park, where I saw a slug and lots of squirrels, plus I did an Azelf raid. We went to Giant when Paul got home, then we watched the Taron Egerton Robin Hood, which is just as bad as all the reviews said though it was very entertaining watching Ben Mendelsohn play Alan Rickman playing the Sheriff of Nottingham -- his line reading on "I'm going to boil you in your own piss!" is tonally identical to Rickman's on "I'm going to cut his heart out with a spoon!" But the screenplay is crazily nonsensical, violent, and anachronistic. What We Do in the Shadows was much funnier, and in that case at least intentionally so. Here are a couple of photos of irises:

In Bloom IICollapse )
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