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Poem for Friday and Leblanc's Etretat

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I stayed away from social media and news sites for a lot of Thursday for my mental health, and that was probably a good call, though I still had trouble focusing on getting any writing done and Daniel and I exchanged Space Force memes. It was a gorgeous day, we took a nice long walk, I got the laundry folded and a bunch of cleaning up done, we had Indian food for dinner.

Then we binged all five available episodes of Lupin, based on Maurice Leblanc's novels about an early 1900s gentleman thief, which I enjoyed a lot. Like Sherlock, it could use stronger women's roles particularly since this version is set in the modern era, but the lead actor is terrific, the dual-era story arc held my interest, and nearly all the violence is offscreen.

We walked past author Maurice Leblanc's home in Étretat on the way to the Elephant Rock in 2018, and apparently I never posted those pictures, so here are le clos Arsène Lupin, the Detective Hotel and Cafe, an Etretat bookstore with Lupin souvenirs, the cliffs and the beach. (Leblanc was the sister of Margaret Anderson's lover Georgette Leblanc, whose grave I have visited too.)

2018-09-02 14.38.22
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Poem for Thursday, Impeachment, Green Spring Flowers

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Wednesday was one of those insane mood swing days that I'm starting to think of as, well, Wednesdays in January. It had some very nice aspects, like taking a walk in the gorgeous weather to see a bunny and getting to talk to my three good friends from high school on Google Meet, though one of them has a very seriously ill parent and I'm very sad for her. Plus it had the second impeachment of Donald Trump, which would be more satisfying if the cowards in the Senate had any intention of doing the right thing and convicting him, but at least it's on the record forever.

We watched the news long enough to hear Pelosi speak, then we watched The Masked Dancer because I needed an hour of total mindlessness. Then we finished watching Sanditon, which the entire internet had warned me had a terrible ending so I was surprised how much I appreciated it. Sure, Austen might have intended something else and the producers surely would have had it scripted differently had they known it wouldn't get a second season, but I love a future where a woman might pick the hardworking architect, not the snotty aristocrat. Winter flowers at Green Spring Gardens:

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Poem for Wednesday and Green Spring Goddess

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My Tuesday was pretty quiet apart from two Zoom/Google Meet calls -- the first in the late afternoon with my father's side of the family, including most of the west coast cousins and their kids, and the second in the evening, with my Voyager fan friends around watching season two premiere "The 37s" (still one of my favorites, which neither time nor bad behavior by any actor has ruined).

It was a lovely chilly clear day for a walk. The news came in steadily and stressfully -- I am irate about so many things, it's hard for me to filter out which of those are worth expending my anger on. We watched the first episode of the Canadian Indigenous show Trickster, which is interesting so far, and the sixth of Sanditon, a bit unfocused. Beira at Green Spring Gardens:

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Poem for Tuesday and Songbirds

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On Sunday morning, the light in the master bathroom would not turn on, though the fan and outlet worked. So on Monday we had an electrician come fix it (turned out to be a frayed wire) while we hung out downstairs with masks on until the work was finished. And the post office finally found my package that was mailed in early December and has sat in a sorting facility for more than two weeks, so I finally have the Jasmine Keane necklace I got for my birthday.

Despite the slow progress of impeachment, it was a diverting day online, since the State Department web site was compromised, claiming that Trump was leaving office in a few hours, which sadly turned out not to be true. Apart from a two-bunny walk, that was the only real excitement here today until the Alabama-Ohio State game, which Ohio State did not win even though I was rooting for them. Some pretty birds we met in Fredericksburg a couple of weeks ago:

2020-12-26 13.40.49
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Poem for Monday and Violette's Lock

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Sunday was mostly about chores, a broken light, trying to keep up with the news, and emails trying to convince people that having a link from a doctor for a vaccination scheduling site did not mean they were going to be able to jump the state-established order to get a COVID vaccine, with a break for a walk along the canal at Violette's Lock. We were right across the river from Trump's golf course again, but this time we knew he wasn't there, at least.

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We were out for the end of the Ravens game, though I am glad they won -- I am sticking with my promise not to sweat any sports event because the election was so much more important -- and we saw most of the Bears-Saints game but had the sound off because I was chatting with my fan friends on Zoom. We had burgers for dinner, then watched the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game, whose beginning was very enjoyable but a blowout always gets boring eventually!

Greetings from Virginia

Adam is back in Seattle -- he reported in from the airport and then from his house, where he and Katherine and Pepper are in the same room for the first time in almost a month. We had a pretty quiet morning during which he packed, we all went for a walk around the neighborhood, we had lunch and played Goatfish while the Bills started playing the Colts, then we drove to National Airport, which thankfully was pretty quiet, so Adam could catch his plane.

Since we were in Alexandria, we then went to Green Spring Gardens, where the snowdrops and flowering quince were starting to emerge plus a few apricot blossoms. The mansion and greenhouse were closed, but it was a beautiful day to be outside. We had leftovers for dinner and watched most of the other playoff games; I was sorry for Daniel that Seattle lost, but pretty apathetic about the Washington Football Team. While waiting for impeachment:

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Poem for Saturday and Family Pics

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It's Adam's last night here before flying back to Seattle with Katherine and Pepper -- by way of Reagan National Airport, which you may have seen on the news today when unhinged and unmasked MAGA-wearing rioters screamed in Lindsey Graham's face about what a traitor he is, and although I am constitutionally incapable of feeling sorry for Lindsey Graham in any way after all he's done, I am nervous both about virus spreading and general lunacy from Trump supporters slinking home after their failed revolution.

We had a pretty quiet day, since Adam had to work and also had an online get-together with the people at the company he left in San Francisco when he moved to Seattle. We did have lunch together and took a walk, and after dinner -- French onion soup, chick'n Provencal, and the leftover chocolate fondue -- we watched Blade Runner 2049 because Adam hadn't seen it and it's definitely worth a second viewing. Some more links about the near-collapse of democracy that I'm adding here for posterity, and some family photos: Collapse )

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Poem for Friday and Hanging with Family

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My brain is completely fried from trying to keep up with the news the past two days. I didn't get a lot accomplished on Thursday, not even folding laundry, though I probably read more tweets than I ever have before in my life. We put on the TV at lunchtime hoping to see Pelosi's press conference and instead got Biden's on all channels, but that was fine -- forward-thinking, accomplished, a little boring, just the kind of administration we all could use.

We all took a walk around the neighborhood on which we were eventually joined by Adam's friend Daniel, plus we bumped into the neighbor whose dog he used to walk and her current canine. After everyone was finished working, we had dinner with my parents. When we came home, we watched Pi because we discovered Adam hadn't seen it and a few years ago we'd been in line behind Ben Shenkman in a Brooklyn pizza restaurant with him; it remains very creative.

2021-01-07 16.39.43
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Greetings from After the Putsch

I was talking to my friend Veronica in London via Google Messenger on Wednesday at about 2 a.m., when the Georgia runoff had been called for Warnock and it was clear that Ossoff was going to win. She said that it looked like things would finally start to get better on January 20th, and I signed off with, "At least until the Reichstag Fire." I was kidding. Mostly. I've been sort of half-expecting a Reichstag Fire since before the September election. If that asshole who broke into Pelosi's office today had had a can of gasoline, we might really have had one.

Paul had a bunch of work phone conferences, so he was upstairs a lot of the afternoon, but Adam sat downstairs with me and watched the attempted demolition of democracy with me in real time. I watched a lot of 9/11 with him too when he was in preschool, and in a weird way it felt similar, though on 9/11 the word "terrorists" was used a lot and today it was "supporters of the President" even when they had pipe bombs. It was terrifying and exhausting, after a morning when for a few minutes, with the Georgia results in, I felt almost okay about the coming year.

I'm just going to post a bunch of links here that cover this weeks-long day because other people summed up my feelings in clever tweets: Collapse )

This is some of my family in the Capitol in 2015. You can see photos of invaders standing in this spot from the news earlier. I wanted this memory instead.
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Poem for Wednesday and Bunnies

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We had another quiet day around here that started very early for me because I had a virtual doctor appointment (went fine, but apparently her examination revealed that I am not over 75, so I can't get the vaccine in the next phase in my state). I got a couple of things done during the rainy morning, we all took a walk together in the afternoon, and it was a two-bunny day despite the rain.

2021-01-05 16.27.50

We ordered Ethopian food from Sheba for dinner, which was delicious, then I watched Voyager's "Learning Curve" with my fan group (still mediocre) and talked about the topics that would stress me out all night: the Georgia election, the lack of justice for Jacob Blake, the impending insanity in DC tomorrow, the South African COVID variant that may be vaccine-resistant.

So with only a cursory glance at the Heisman Trophy news, the Grammy Awards cancellation news, the Tanya Roberts news, and the Kardashian-West divorce news, we watched the first half of Avatar, which remains visually one of the most enjoyable movies I've ever seen. The special effects hold up superbly and the world-building is very satisfying despite the shallow imperialism.