The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Norwalk Meerkats

First Light Edging Cirrus
By Jane Hirshfield

10(25) molecules
are enough
to call woodthrush or apple.

A hummingbird, fewer.
A wristwatch: 10(24).

An alphabet's molecules,
tasting of honey, iron, and salt,
cannot be counted—

as some strings, untouched,
sound when a near one is speaking.

As it was when love slipped inside us.
It looked out face to face in every direction.

Then it was inside the tree, the rock, the cloud.


Apparently winter got bored in the region on Wednesday, because Thursday was back to what's been typical so far in 2012: bright sun, temperatures in the high 50s, confused robins. I hear that our winter has gone to Italy -- are the canals in Venice frozen? I had promised to take younger son to the mall after school so he could get Valentine gifts for his girlfriend, so we went to the Hallmark store and to Brighton, then I took a lovely walk in the woods (part of the way with son -- one of the dogs he walks has advanced cancer, so I wanted to see the dog for a bit).

Evening TV included the Deep Space Nine episode I have to review tomorrow ("Dramatis Personae," which was more fun on a second viewing) and the Caligula episode of When Rome Ruled on the National Geographic Channel -- lots of discussion about whether watching Tiberius rape whomever he wanted might have affected the young Caligula but no suggestion that Tiberius abused Caligula himself, which would explain more than the manic depression with which they attempt to diagnose him. On a happier note, here are more meerkats from the Norwalk Aquarium!


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