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Poem for Saturday, Aquarium Life, 'Dramatis Personae'

Things Between Themselves
By Heidi Lynn Staples have been things among things between themselves and all others who live... travel widely beyond the seas... arrive one half king, one half informer... appear o how atrocious soever... present all the disabilities... demonstrate an investment in kin... show an interest real or personal in this... uncover such estates... expose ourselves as foundlings, nursed, clad, and taught... observe ourselves founded by experience... perceive ourselves discovered where unfounded... receive the legacy and the gift... forsake reckoned heavy sorrow... suffer the penalties and become...


For unknown reasons I am very sleepy so this will be a short post. I spent most of the morning writing a review of "Dramatis Personae", a not-very-good Deep Space Nine episode that I am biased about because Kira -- the real Kira, not the Intendant -- hits on both Odo and Dax, which clouds my judgment about the fact that just as TNG shouldn't have done "The Naked Now" one episode into its run, DS9 should not have been doing character personality transplants in the first season. Adam brought his girlfriend home after school and I took a walk in the woods with deer who must have known snow is forecast because they were very skittish and raced into the woods when they saw me.

Daniel's roommate, who rarely left the room to go to class last semester, has withdrawn from school, so he has the room to himself for the time being, which is fine with Daniel. We didn't have dinner with my parents because my mother has some horrible stomach flu, but Adam's girlfriend stayed, so we brought in pizza. We were still at the table at 8 and completely flaked about Nikita, will have to track it down on Amazon Prime, but we did watch two episodes of The Life of Mammals -- well, at least until the big monkeys started to stalk and eat a smaller monkey with babies at which point I insisted on changing the channel since even the current basketball season is preferable to that. Here are a few more photos from the Norwalk Aquarium, sharks and snakes and seahorses and otters and jellyfish:

A seahorse and a pipefish.

Jellyfish ephyra, the stage when they first begin to swim.

Snake in a tree.

Young snapping turtle.

Diamondback terrapins.



Playful otter.

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