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Poem for Saturday and Brandywine In Bloom

Sculptures of Virginia Woolf
By Michael Robins

They're sentences in waiting, diagrams
drained. Tuesday raises her hand & asks

directions to the bathroom. She misses
cigarettes, lessons how kissing the boy

she drags into the Sadie Hawkins dance
keeps her homeliest gal in all them hills.

Tuesdays fenced in, clad like tea cozies
as though for a parade. A crossing guard

& spinster, spent tissues saved & saying
how I'm with stupid is a saying for life.

Sundown thereafter kicking & kicking.
Boys waving from the backseat of a car.


Paul had a 7 a.m. call that he did from home, then he worked from home for the rest of the day, which was very nice for me because we got to have breakfast and lunch together and the cats had more than one person at whom they could whimper piteously when they were starving. I posted a review of "The Homecoming", one of Deep Space Nine's extraordinary episodes. I originally saw this one out of order because it was airing the same hour that Daniel was born in Chicago in 1993, so most of what I remembered about it was Kira's dazzling awesomeness.

Adam had a half-day of school and brought Maddy home with him. They wanted to go see The Secret World of Arrietty in the theater at the mall, so we drove them over and went to see it as well (though of course we were not allowed to sit with them nor to wander around the mall with them beforehand). Apart from a bizarrely stereotyped native character and no adult females worth remembering, it's utterly delightful and really gorgeous to look at.

We had dinner with my parents (veggie Chinese, yum), came home to watch Nikita, discovered that it was a rerun, and I subjected my family to Breaking Dawn on the theory that having seen the first three Twilight films, I should see the rest. Here is my heartfelt advice for those who are not devoted fans: skip it, save your money and wait for The Hunger Games! From Longwood Gardens:


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