The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Cherry Blossoms

By Alice Dunbar-Nelson

I had no thought of violets of late,
The wild, shy kind that spring beneath your feet
In wistful April days, when lovers mate
And wander through the fields in raptures sweet.
The thought of violets meant florists' shops,
And bows and pins, and perfumed papers fine;
And garish lights, and mincing little fops
And cabarets and songs, and deadening wine.
So far from sweet real things my thoughts had strayed,
I had forgot wide fields, and clear brown streams;
The perfect loveliness that God has made, -
Wild violets shy and Heaven-mounting dreams.
And now—unwittingly, you’ve made me dream
Of violets, and my soul's forgotten gleam.


Thursday was a major work and chore day because on Friday I am going to a birthday party for my mother being thrown by her friends at a restaurant in Chevy Chase. I had to finish my Deep Space Nine review so I can post it in the morning and I had to finish putting together a gift for my mother that my sister and I have been working on together. Amazingly, I got everything done, and soon enough to take Adam and his girlfriend out for ice cream.

Daniel had lunch with my mother and played more Skies of Arcadia before dinner, then we all watched DS9's "Children of Time" before Awake (I still find the former quite problematic; the latter remains interesting but I wish they'd give us a bit more of a glimpse of the overarching connections, whatever conspiracy caused the accident in the first place...I'm half-expecting a Lost ending to the series). Here are a few more photos of the DC cherry blossoms and Tidal Basin:


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