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Poem for Sunday

six apologies, lord
By Olena Kalytiak Davis

I Have Loved My Horrible Self, Lord.
I Rose, Lord, And I Rose, Lord, And I
Dropt. Your Requirements, Lord. 'Spite Your
    Requirements, Lord,
I Have Loved the Low Voltage Of The Moon, Lord,
Until There Was No Moon Intensity Left, Lord, No Moon
    Intensity Left
For You, Lord. I Have Loved The Frivolous, The Fleeting,
    The Frightful
Clouds, Lord. I Have Loved Clouds! Do Not Forgive Me,
    Do Not
Forgive Me LordandLover, HarborandMaster,
    GuardianandBread, Do Not.
Hold Me, Lord, O, Hold Me.
Accountable, Lord. I Am
Accountable. Lord.
Lord It Over Me,
Lord It Over Me, Lord. Feed Me
Hope, Lord. Feed Me
Hope, Lord, Or Break My Teeth.
Break My Teeth, Sir,
In This My Mouth.


From Edward Hirsch' Poet's Choice in this morning's The Washington Post Book World. There's also a review filled with excerpts of the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Younger son's soccer practice got moved, older son has Hebrew school, I am frantically trying to get work done so I can try to see cara_chapel while she is nearby! Of course The New York Times had to go and do a big article about the women who co-produce CSI. And where are all these Enterprise reviewers coming from? The review roundup gets longer and longer...

Happy birthday jenwrites! (Sorry if I am a day late -- I'm behind on my mailing lists again!) And congratulations on the sale!

From cinzia, who was a Phoenix, which is what I was on my last quiz...

You are a muse.
What legend are you?.
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