The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Monday

O Little Root of a Dream
By Paul Celan
Translated by Heather McHugh and Nikolai Popov

0 little root of a dream
you hold me here
undermined by blood,
no longer visible to anyone,
property of death.

Curve a face
that there may be speech, of earth,
of ardor, of
things with eyes, even
here, where you read me blind,

where you
refute me,
to the letter.


Gacked from vertigo66. My initial result was so appalling that I realized I should not have chosen Celine Dion as my favorite singer as a joke. This is much better.

You are Drawn to the Rhythm
You are Drawn to the Rhythm
You're always searching for that place where you can find inner peace and calm.
Trying to escape your reality maybe as simple as coming to grips with it.

Which Sarah McLachlan Song Are You?
Created by Noor

And now I must go edit a story, as Aragorn is trying to be schmoopy and WILL NOT BE IGNORED.

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