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The Little Review

Poem for Saturday, Kidwell Farm, Rules of Acquisition

By Naomi Shihab Nye

Even at this late date, sometimes I have to look up
the word "receive." I received his deep
and interested gaze.

A bean plant flourishes under the rain of sweet words.
Tell what you think—I'm listening.

The story ruffled its twenty leaves.


Once my teacher set me on a high stool
for laughing. She thought the eyes
of my classmates would whittle me to size.
But they said otherwise.

We'd laugh too if we knew how.

I pinned my gaze out the window
on a ripe line of sky.

That's where I was going.


Are you tired of my reporting that the weather was ridiculously gorgeous? As of today, Maryland officially has a drought warning, so I really would not complain if we had some rain. It didn't happen on Friday -- we had clear skies and beautiful temperatures after a cool evening, though we had fire warnings because it's so dry. I stayed in this morning finishing a review of "Rules of Acquisition" -- must have been better than I thought it was because one of the Boyz of the BBS felt it necessary to leave four nasty comments about it, woohoo!

My afternoon involved picking up a prescription, taking a walk, and avoiding walking under ladders (I am not actually superstitious about Friday the 13th and I went out of my way to see my neighbor's black cat, though he had better things to do than let me pet him). We had dinner with my parents without Adam who had a late tech night, then came home and watched yet more Titanic documentaries before the end of the 13-inning Nationals victory over the Reds. Here are some piggie photos from Frying Pan Farm Park's Kidwell Farm:


Last week's fannish5, since this week's has not been posted yet: Five favorite historical fandoms.
The King's Speech
2. Master and Commander/Patrick O'Brian
3. Sharpe
4. Horatio Hornblower
5. Elizabethan/Shakespeare

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