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Poem for Saturday, Spring Animals, Necessary Evil

Untitled [I closed the book and changed my life]
By Bruce Smith

I closed the book and changed my life and changed my life and changed my life and one more change and I was back here looking up at a blue sky with russets and the World was hypnotic but it wasn't great. I wanted more range, maybe, more bliss, I didn't know about bliss. Is bliss just a rant about the size of the bowl? The trance was the true thing, no, the rant, no, the sky, now, that icy whiteness.


I did a lot of running around on Friday but it was all with family so it's all good. Paul worked from home and we both tried to get everything done in the morning so that after lunch we could go retrieve Daniel from College Park for his weekend project, building his new computer, which involved a trip to Micro Center to pick up the parts. I didn't get my review of one of the greatest hours of Star Trek ever made, Deep Space Nine's "Necessary Evil", posted until evening, but in the meantime I got to see not only the lambs at the University of Maryland farm but a family of geese and goslings eating near the athletic fields.

Daniel was excited because Micro Center had a better motherboard in stock than the web site had listed and he was able to swap the power supply for a stronger one. We had dinner with my parents and he has spent the rest of the evening putting the computer together, with occasional frustration about tool-free parts not being entirely tool-free but generally in a good mood. Adam came home briefly with Maddy to change his clothes and eat, then went back to school for opening night of Legally Blonde, which apparently had some technical problems but they were not his fault. The rest of us watched Nikita, which did something that made me very unhappy -- the same thing La Femme Nikita did that really turned me off, in fact! -- then the O's game.

You've seen most of these photos if we're friends on Facebook but I wanted to save my awesome week seeing spring animals on LiveJournal. Here are UMCP sheep, lambs, geese, and goslings, plus neighborhood deer, bunnies, and a squirrel, and two pesky cats:


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