The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Thursday and Brookside Snapper

How the mind works still to be sure
By Jennifer Denrow

You were the white field when you handed me a blank
sheet of paper and said you'd worked so hard
all day and this was the best field you could manage.
And when I didn't understand, you turned it over
and showed me how the field had bled through,
and then you took out your notebook and said how each
time you attempted to make something else, it turned out
to be the same field. You worried that everyone
you knew was becoming the field and you couldn't help
them because you were the one making them into fields
in the first place. It's not what you meant to happen.
You handed me a box of notebooks and left. I hung the field
all over the house. Now, when people come over, they think
they're lost and when I tell them they're not, they say they're
beginning to feel like the field and it's hard because they know
they shouldn't but they do and then they start to grow whiter
and whiter and then they disappear. With everyone turning
into fields, it's hard to know anything. With everyone turning
into fields, it's hard to be abstract. And since I'm mostly alone,
I just keep running my hand over the field, waiting.


It is going to be One Of Those Weeks, so feel free to filter me off for a few days. Two people defriended me on LiveJournal on Thursday, and while we haven't been in the same fandoms for years, I couldn't help wondering whether my complaining was the last straw. Everyone in my family (parents, kids, cousins, etc.) is very stressed out and it is not conducive to happy talk.

The good news is that I had a doctor's appointment this morning and in spite of the week I am having, my blood pressure was down substantially, so I guess those ACE inhibitors really work! She has to check my potassium but said that if I have no side effects so far, I'm probably going to do well on it, so that's good news. That, a stop at CVS, and a walk were my major outings for the day.

We watched this week's The Borgias but I couldn't pass a quiz on what happened apart from Lucrezia being generally awesome (she'd make a better Pope than her father, despite some obvious problems getting the job), then Wild Australia on Planet Green. I don't even remember what else happened today apart from the Orioles beating the Yankees, so here are some photos of a baby snapping turtle at Brookside:


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