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Poem for Monday and Homestead Farm Strawberries

Sea RoseCollapse )

Sunday was quite warm and mostly sunny -- we didn't get the eclipse in this part of the U.S., and Tropical Storm Alberto stayed well south of us -- so after lunch and Adam's job at Hebrew school, we all went to Homestead Farm to pick strawberries. It's early in the season, so it wasn't mobbed and there were lots of berries just coming ripe. We also stopped to see the goats, lambs, calf, pigs, and chickens:

Strawberry SeasonCollapse )

After dinner we had intended to watch the finale of Harry's Law, but although neither our local TV listings nor NBC said so in advance, it's apparently been postponed a week in favor of reality TV reruns to get higher May sweeps ratings. So instead Daniel, Paul and I watched a few more seventh season DS9 episodes -- never a hardship -- while Adam biked with friends and prepared for HSAs this week!

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