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Poem for Sunday and Great Falls

Essay on Adam
By Robert Bringhurst

There are five possibilities. One: Adam fell.
Two: he was pushed. Three: he jumped. Four:
he only looked over the edge, and one look silenced him.
Five: nothing worth mentioning happened to Adam.

The first, that he fell, is too simple. The fourth,
fear, we have tried and found useless. The fifth,
nothing happened, is dull. The choice is between:
he jumped or was pushed. And the difference between these

is only an issue of whether the demons
work from the inside out or from the outside
in: the one
theological question.


This was yesterday's Poem A Day from the Academy of American Poets.

The weather on Saturday was magnificent -- mid-70s, low humidity -- so while Adam was working at Glen Echo, where my father drove him since he was volunteering at the folk festival, we took Daniel to Great Falls, Virginia to see how high the water was after this week's storms. The canal ruins were muddy, the river was pretty rough with many herons fishing and flying over it, and though the parking lot and picnic areas had a lot of people, the trails weren't crowded.


We came home in the late afternoon, where Adam had already fed the poor cats, and I read for a while before dinner (burgers). Then Daniel went to play Skyrim, Adam went running at the track at the high school, and Paul and I watched W.E. which remains not great but has lovely costumes, Anne Boleyn as the Queen Mum and Morgana as Thelma Furness, and Bertie being smarter than David in his choice of wife, so it seemed like a good Diamond Jubilee movie.

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