The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and Flag Ponds Animals

Darling, You Are the World's Fresh Ornament
By Laura Cronk

Darling, you are the world's fresh ornament.
Ne'er a bigger bloom could a seeker find
Than this that you, dear fool, have on displayment.
The displacement of my gentle mind
To boudoir regions, gaudy cunning luxury,
Has my old self-substantial petrol in short supply.
To run this rearing gal, the new polished buxomry
Demands a man—the night's auto reply
To teenish hungers doesn't cut it.
Give me tender pullings of the world one way
And another, and I'll give right back.
That's the way to increase, to fight the lack.


I had a quiet Friday working after our busy Thursday sightseeing. I had to write a review of both parts of Deep Space Nine's "The Maquis", an episode I never mind rewatching for all the awesome Sisko-Kira scenes, and I had a bunch of cleanup chores from stuff at the beach. Adam's girlfriend came over after her last health class, and eventually the two of them went shopping for old camera parts and out to dinner.

The rest of us had dinner with my parents, then came home and watched the werewolf episode of Relic Hunter in honor of Friday the 13th (we also watched the one with the guy who likes to hunt human prey -- how come Nikita and Dollhouse and pretty much every show with a kick-ass woman does an episode like that?). Here are some photos of animals from the woods at Flag Ponds Nature Park and the Chesapeake beach -- anyone know what kind the brown lizard is?


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