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My family and I spent a wonderful day first at the Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, then at Longwood Gardens which has an incredibly wonderful light installation by Bruce Munro that I recommend to anyone within driving distance of the Delaware-Pennsylvania border. We brought dementordelta with us, had a picnic by the Brandywine River near the zoo with several dozen geese and ducks attempting to share our food, then went to see the animals. A slight downpour prevented us from seeing the parrot show but we got to see the newborn marmoset and sleepy otter. Then we went to Longwood Gardens, where we walked through the summer flower beds and meadow, had dinner at the cafe, and circled the entire grounds a second time to see the light installations. I took a few photos with my phone that are on Twitter, here is one from the extraordinary Forest of Light, which is a combination of fairy forest from Peter Pan and Home Tree from Avatar:


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