The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday, Son's Birthday, 'The Wire'

By Rebecca Lindenberg

The whistler's

the white space
between is

and not
or after a question,

a pause. Nothing
isn't song:
a leaf hatching
from its green shell,

frost whorling
across a windshield,

an open door


On Friday it was Adam's 16th birthday, and the 43rd anniversary of the moon landing, though both those events were overshadowed in the morning while we were reading the news from Colorado. Adam's big present was a bike, which he went with Maddy and Paul (who worked from home today) to pick up in the afternoon while I was posting a review of Deep Space Nine's wonderful Garak episode "The Wire".

We went out to dinner with my parents at Tara Thai for Adam's birthday -- he and I split pad see ew and tofu panang while the non-vegetarians ate other things -- then went back to my parents' house for cake which Paul had made. We watched a couple of episodes of Relic Hunter, including one about Henry VIII's ring which was allegedly set at Leeds Castle but I've been there and this was not it. At least we got to miss the Nationals' horrible loss in the 11th inning!


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