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Poem for Saturday, Phoneography, Crossover, Olympics

In This Light
By Matt Hart

nothing and nothing
gets by you, but I get
so distracted
that my notice
has been put on notice
for birds and for traffic
For instance,
the constant
slap of the sound
of waves
against gutters
gets by me
Grass stain on my hands
from falling down
at the hospital
gets by me Physics
Sequined dresses
The Olympics get by me
the mountains are,
so far, only distant,
and some days
I am even making my way
through them
with my pants on,
which is lucky,
though at other junctures
sunflowers and pine tree
needles my arms
in full blossom
as you appear
around a corner
The day looking up
between us
pink clouds


From today's Poem-A-Day at

We had a nice Friday -- Paul worked from home, so I had most of the family around for most of the day. Adam went running and biking, Daniel told us all about Google Fiber, I wrote a review of Deep Space Nine's "Crossover", always great fun to watch (the only thing hotter than Kira/Kira being Kira/Sisko).

We had an early dinner with my parents, then went with them to the Phoneography exhibit at Photoworks in Glen Echo Park. Adam had two photos in the exhibition and they had a reception with judge Andrea Dylewski and other staffers at Photoworks (plus chocolate, yay).


Then we came home to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies, which had many highlights -- Kenneth Branagh reading Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling reading J.M. Barrie, ROWAN ATKINSON FOR THE WIN, the Queen making a James Bond film. And I loved the celebration of the NHS with all the children and feting of the working class. Have they kicked Mitt Romney out yet?

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