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The Little Review

Greetings from Kill Devil Hills

We have spent a lovely day in North Carolina where it is cooler than at home and the beaches are wonderfully uncrowded -- we went in the morning, after breakfast in the hotel, and though the water is still cooler than it was last summer, we saw a swimming sea turtle and leaping dolphins! After we washed off, we packed up lunch and went to Currituck Heritage Park, home of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and a nature center with walk through the wetlands where we saw an eastern ribbon snake, a great white egret, and a crab that a couple of kids fished out in a net who let me photograph her, then waved her claws at me like a cartoon and scuttled into the water.

We stopped at the Buccaneer's Walk shops, where we got wonderful peanuts and looked at antiques, then returned to the hotel to go to the beach, but after only a few minutes we heard thunder and then saw spectacular lightning off in the distance. So we went to Pizzazz's pizza and salad buffet, stopped at the big beach clothing-and-souvenir store Wings, and returned to the hotel to watch Warehouse 13 and the Olympics broadcast of the track events and women's gymnastics. Here are apaulled and the kids at the lighthouse and dementordelta and myself at Wings with our second-favorite peg leg pirate.


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