The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Fun at the Fair

By Howard Altmann

To the night I offered a flower
and the dark sky accepted it
like earth, bedding
for light.

To the desert I offered an apple
and the dunes received it
like a mouth, speaking
for wind.

To the installation I offered a tree
and the museum planted it
like a man, viewing
his place.

To the ocean I offered a seed
and its body dissolved it
like time, composing
a life.


Thursday was not a very exciting day around here -- it involved laundry, a trip to the post office, and some more shopping with my kids, this time to get everyday shoes for Adam, new slippers for Daniel, some storage items for Adam's room, and exciting things like that. Target did a much better job than Kohl's of having an appropriate number of cash registers open for the number of shoppers during tax-free clothing week.

Adam had driver's ed in the evening, then went to see his girlfriend who is going out of town for a week with her family, so we half-watched the Orioles game which did not end well but they won the other two against the Red Sox so I can't complain, then we watched the DS9 season two season finale, which also does not end all that well, and Jon Stewart objecting the Republican trying to win an election by stealing it. More county fair photos:

A sheep waited to be shown in the arena at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.

All the sheep were dressed up to keep clean for their close-ups.

Adam and his girlfriend rode this twice. They said someone threw up on the way off.

I have never been in here, I just like the Halloween imagery.

In addition to pony rides and monster truck rides, the fair offers camel rides.

Many contented-looking piggies were rolling in clean hay and sleeping in pig piles even though they had big enough pens to sleep in their own space.

The Chainsaw Chix were carving farm animals and bears.

This little girl was so happy with her new bubble gun that she was shooting flowers as well as strangers.

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