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Poem for Monday

The House of Life
19. Silent Noon
By Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Your hands lie open in the long fresh grass,--
The finger-points look through like rosy blooms:
Your eyes smile peace. The pasture gleams and glooms
'Neath billowing skies that scatter and amass.
All round our nest, far as the eye can pass,
Are golden kingcup-fields with silver edge
Where the cow-parsley skirts the hawthorn-hedge.
'Tis visible silence, still as the hour-glass.

Deep in the sun-search'd growths the dragon-fiy
Hangs like a blue thread loosen'd from the sky:--
So this wing'd hour is dropt to us from above.
Oh! clasp we to our hearts, for deathless dower,
This close-companion'd inarticulate hour
When twofold silence was the song of love.


More shameless LOTR Barbie whoring here. And yes, I know they don't really look like them. For me that is part of the appeal of Barbie -- whoever she's supposed to look like, she looks like Barbie. I also find the idea of too exact a replica of anyone in plastic to be creepy (I liked Viggo Mortensen's comment that it was fine if his action figure was ugly just as long as the resemblance wasn't too close so there was no voodoo risk).

Laundry: in. Work: half-finished. Housekeeping: hahahahaha!

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