The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday and October's Arrival

Engines Within the Throne
By Cathy Park Hong

We once worked as clerks
        scanning moth-balled pages
into the clouds, all memories
outsourced except the fuzzy
        childhood bits when
I was an undersized girl with a tic,
they numbed me with botox
        I was a skinsuit
of dumb expression, just fingerprints
over my shamed
        all I wanted was snow
to snuff the sun blades to shadow spokes,
muffle the drum of freeways, erase
        the old realism
but this smart snow erases
        nothing, seeps everywhere,
the search engine is inside us,
the world is our display
        and now every industry
has dumped whole cubicles, desktops,
fax machines into developing
        worlds where they stack
them as walls against
what disputed territory
        we asked the old spy who drank
with Russians to gather information
the old-fashioned way,
now we have snow sensors,
        so you can go spelunking
in anyone's mind,
let me borrow your child
thoughts, it's benign surveillance,
        I can burrow inside, find a cave
pool with rock-colored flounder,
and find you, half-transparent
with depression.


I had a fairly uneventful domestic Sunday, both sons in and out until we took the older one back to College Park in the evening -- Daniel slept late while Adam worked at Hebrew school in the morning and went running after lunch, then wanted to take it easy since he has a cold. So I didn't get out to play with sparowe's camera, just for a walk around the neighborhood where three different households were putting up Halloween decorations, so I know it is October!


My parents came over for pizza so they could see Daniel before he went back to school, then we watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time, which was quite enjoyable given the number of awesome women on the show (Mulan!), then we recorded the first season of the Upstairs, Downstairs revival. Despite the Nationals losing, it was a good sports day: the Redskins scraped out a victory and the Angels' loss combined with the Orioles' win put Baltimore in the postseason!

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