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Poem for Thursday and Adorable Alpacas

Appalachian Trail
By Ted Mathys

I am in the
main on the

mend I am in
Maine on the

wagon on
Katahdin in

an animal
skin I am a


a stolen mirror
metaphor over

the peak to
make Maine

lakes glint in
sun I broke

like a main
clause over

the forest of the
page and paused

to drink from a
literal canteen


Wednesday was another gorgeous fall day, nearly 70 degrees, sunny and breezy, and I got to enjoy it! I had a slightly belated birthday lunch with vertigo66 at Tara Thai during which we agreed that the fall TV season may be mediocre but it's less annoying than election news, then I walked around the lake to Target, conversed with the geese who were frustrated that I didn't bring them any leftovers, and admired the Halloween displays which are already beginning to be displaced by Christmas displays, feh! The only thing I bought, though, was a big glittery Charming Charlie necklace on sale for $6.

Adam took the PSAT, then went to a practice for the county cross-country meet at a park in Gaithersburg, from which he came home in a good mood because the test was over with and we had Greek yogurt. I went out to take a walk and nearly ran into three deer munching in my neighbor's garden, none of whom were intimidated by me. We watched an awesome Alfie Boe concert on PBS, then the second episode of Nashville, which has enjoyable music and dialogue, though it could use more humor and I wish so many of the women weren't in conflict. Here are some more A Paca Fun Farm alpacas:


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