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Poem for Monday and Frederick Festival of the Farm

On My Third Anniversary in New Jersey
By Noelle Kocot

It's the fern beyond the wind, the classic
Eruptions. Night is a funnel that is overcome.
Violence of signs beyond the pale. Stasis
Has its own way, the hard work, the violence.
Convalesce, convalesce in the green green
World, in which you could hardly walk,
But that was before, before life set its rhythms
In its way. Passion is confused by silence.
Gone are the slow horses, the wetness and the
Going forth, that's made me whole again.
A small room, a sandwich in the moonlight,
Intermittently, I see a hummingbird at
The flower box, and the great church bells
Ring. This is the beginning. I lived in a small
Room long ago. The soft earth beckoned me
Here, and I stayed. There is a dearness about
All of this, and though I want to be hungry
Again, I find that I am filled. My legs fly into
Summer, into the morning air and the leaves.
So this is what peace is, no need to spiral
In the twilight, no need to ask, season after
Season, where are you now? And, should I go?


Another quickie, as I have spent the day with my family and Paul's parents around South Mountain at state parks and at the Frederick Festival of the Farm. We met them for a picnic at Gambrill State Park, which overlooks Middletown and South Mountain, and walked around the overlook by the tea house. Then we went to Catoctin Creek Farm, which raises sheep and chickens and also had a couple of adorable kittens -- the adult barn cats were hiding -- and Caprikorn Farms, which raises dairy goats and had lots of delicious cheese samples. We drove through Gathland State Park and saw the War Correspondents' Arch on the way to South Mountain Creamery, where we bought even more cheese and egg nog and petted lots of calves.

My kids climbing on the rocks at Gambrill State Park...

...and on the play equipment where the swings used to be, for old time's sake.

Adam bonds with a kitten we met... Catoctin Creek Farm, which primarily raises Romney sheep (so named for their origins in Kent, England -- the farm owners had Obama-Biden posters up).

Paul's mom bought a little sheep ornament made from Romney sheep wool.

Here I am surrounded by Saanen does at Caprikorn Farms...

...and getting my shirt eaten by one of the calves at South Mountain Creamery.

And here is Adam petting one of the cats at the creamery, whom we see whenever we visit the store there.

We came home to collect Daniel's clothes from the dryer (since he forgot to do his laundry till this morning), went to California Tortilla for dinner, then took Daniel back to College Park and got home in time for Once Upon a Time, which I would have watched On Demand if I'd realized that Comedy Central intended to abbreviate the rerun of Night of Too Many Stars to get it finished by midnight, grr. We put that on after Upstairs, Downstairs, which I did not like as much this week -- Hallam was a jerk in so many ways that I wanted to ship him over to Downton Abbey, hahaha. The fundraiser was worth watching just for O'Reilly on helium, Colbert singing to a bear, Katy Perry singing with Jodi DiPiazza, and the bootleg Game of Thrones!

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