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Poem for Tuesday and Adorable Alpacas Again

Nature XXVI: There Came a Wind Like a Bugle
By Emily Dickinson

There came a wind like a bugle;
It quivered through the grass,
And a green chill upon the heat
So ominous did pass
We barred the windows and the doors
As from an emerald ghost;
The doom’s electric moccason
That very instant passed.
On a strange mob of panting trees,
And fences fled away,
And rivers where the houses ran
The living looked that day.
The bell within the steeple wild
The flying tidings whirled.
How much can come
And much can go,
And yet abide the world!


I'm a day late for Emily Dickinson's birthday -- sorry! At least I'm in time for mine, hahaha.

My Monday wasn't very eventful -- it involved work and laundry and a trip to AC Moore, which inexplicably hides glue-on Swarovski elements in the fabric paint as far away as possible from bead Swarovski elements and no one in the jewelry department is privy to this knowledge -- nor does anyone in the fabric paint department know that while they have iron-on rhinestones, the scrapbooking department has peel-and-stick rhinestones. Plus it was taking 5-10 minutes to process credit card transactions and coupons and card points weren't working at all, but I did manage to get a replacement for the crystal that fell off my peacock pin in Brunswick this weekend.

It was sort of drizzly most of the day but I took a walk in the afternoon before it got dark, though except for the squirrels, all the animals were hiding. I had a migraine threatening all day -- combination of weather and too much junk over the weekend (December is a bad month in that regard) so I was sleepy at dinner. Afterwards we modeled for younger son, who got a flash diffuser for Chanukah and wanted to test it, then we watched the second National Treasure movie, being in the mood for it after the first (and any movie where Helen Mirren is a teacher at the University of Maryland is by definition a good thing). Some more alpacas from A Paca Fun Farm:


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