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Poem for Sunday

Too Noble
By Daniel Hughes

"Too noble," Rick said,
so we shut off the Beethoven
but still the sound
lingered about us, and lifted us
above the croissants and the jokes
we tried before we were awake.

No one's noble now --
we thought of the death of words, the slipping,
the history of disappointment,
but the sound stayed, as though the walls
claimed it.

We went for a walk in the bright morning.
The air was clarified, renewed, noble.


From Poet's Choice by Edward Hirsch in The Washington Post: "The poet Daniel Hughes, a radiant presence, died in October at the age of 74...Hughes's poems often begin in disappointment but end on a note of noble attainment. It is as if the poet needed to overcome his own ironies to reach the state of rapture that so called to him."

Did go hiking yesterday at Meadowside, saw the injured raptors which live there in huge permanent cages. Still coughing, not sleeping well, which gave me a murderous headache, and I almost went to bed right after dinner but took four Advil and was distracted by ashinae and fic, not NaNoWriMo because I didn't have the concentration for it, but you write what you can write, right?

Anyway, if I owe you e-mail comments etc. I was in no state for them last night, and am about to go to the zoo with my kids, and then need to write two Trek articles so give me a day, I beg you.

A bit of conversation about the new gerbils.

yrcruisedirector: I have wanted to say this for a week: Aragorn is licking Boromir all over.
ashinae: HEEEE!!
yrcruisedirector: Though Aragorn is more likely to be found running in circles, and Boromir is more likely to be found gnawing things.
ashinae: That sounds right.
yrcruisedirector: Also Boromir spends more time washing his face.
ashinae: Heh. That sounds right, too You should post these in your LJ.
yrcruisedirector: Okay, I will! Should I mention that Boromir does most of the nest-building, and Aragorn peed on me the first time I took him out of the cage?
ashinae: Typical Aragorn *snerk*

Pimpage: aesc's The Straight Way. Absolutely gorgeous Aragorn/Faramir. This is the last part; it has links to the first four if you missed them.

I did it in 22 seconds.
I deserved a B+!!
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