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Poem for Tuesday, Scarves, Silver Linings Playbook

Curve of Pursuit
By Bin Ramke

A point, a line, alignment. Lovely
the lingering lights along the shore
as the century lays itself out for observation:

hunger and the youthful indiscretion.
I am one of many, or not even one,
but am of many one who watches the waves

and allows the particulate sand its say, say,
its sound, susurrant. Of many one
engaging the ear as if the Pacific

meant its name, as if the edge of
continent contented us with boundary.
Draw a line from A to B. Live there.


I had a delightful Monday visit from dementordelta while Adam was taking English and Chinese finals and Daniel was visiting his grandparents in Pennsylvania. We went to see Silver Linings Playbook, which we were both a little iffy about because rom-coms that get nominated for awards tend to contain some horrible tragic twist, but in fact it was purely delightful, not really a rom-com at all and neither horrible nor tragic, with terrific acting both from the people who are always excellent and people (well, Bradley Cooper) whom I had no idea could really act. I must confess that Robert De Niro's crazy Eagles fan dad was probably my favorite character and the whole movie made me nostalgic for living in Philly in college. I'm a little hairy about restraining orders being used for comedy and there are some parts where I found myself laughing and was a little horrified at myself for it, but that's part of the movie's unexpected pleasure.

Before the movie we stopped at the mall and spent way too much money on British charms and stuff at Claire's, then ate Indian food for lunch. Late in the afternoon we came back here and watched the Liam Neeson-Geoffrey Rush Les Miserables, which Adam actually watched with us (and apparently liked better than the musical) -- it's a version of the novel that I really like, in large part because it fully tells Fantine's story, though Enjolras is a minor character and Eponine isn't part of the drama at all; Neeson's Valjean is rougher around the edges if better fed than most musical versions and Crowe was definitely playing closer to Rush than to Terence Mann. Have spent the evening watching Once Upon a Time (which we missed on Sunday because of the Golden Globes) and going over paperwork for refinancing our mortgage while rates are so favorable. So I am behind and shall post only one photo of myself and Delta taken by Adam for sra_danvers, who sent us the hats and scarves (and chocolate!) as holiday presents:


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