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Poem for Inauguration Day, Meadowside, Ravens Win AFC

By Kevin Young

Last's a long
year of loss. Now winter
we hope

to rename early spring—
the cardinals keeping
watch through rain.

Though the cold
start your toes
& find your lonely bones

soon even those
can grow.
And tomorrow

this smidge of sun—
shine it down
into your mouth,

the fog of breath
rising, your right
hand raised! Lift

this lilting tongue.


Written for President Obama's inauguration, courtesy Yahoo where you can hear it read aloud.

The weather on Sunday was almost ridiculously beautiful for January -- clear skies and temperatures in the 50s. Daniel was playing Skyrim in the morning and Adam went to take photos with a friend of his, but we warned them that we were not wasting such a gorgeous day, and after lunch we all went (friend included) to Meadowside Nature Center, where the nature center itself was closed but the trails to the ruins of Muncaster Mill were open. So we got to see the remains of the mill, a snake, several deer, and lots of sunshine on Rock Creek:


Since it's Daniel's last weekend home before he returns to College Park, we had dinner with my parents, arriving just as the 49ers beat the Falcons and interrupting our meal to watch the Ravens play the Patriots. The game was still close when we left to come home, then Flacco picked up his game and Brady started throwing interceptions and Baltimore is going to the Super Bowl! The media is excited about a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh coaching match-up; I am just happy that after so many injuries this season, the Ravens are going to New Orleans!

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