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Poem for Wednesday and Point of Rocks

The Hurricane
By William Carlos Williams

The tree lay down
on the garage roof
and stretched, You
have your heaven,
it said, go to it.


I spent nearly all my productive hours Tuesday tending to Adam's feet, which of course meant I missed the Ravens victory parade. I called the pediatrician in the morning and managed to get a mid-morning appointment, so I picked him up from school and took him there (foolishly without eating breakfast first). The doctor did not think there was a fracture based on the location of the pain, but sent Adam to a podiatrist across the street to be sure. The podiatrist, who squeezed Adam in before his lunch, examined him and watched him walk and took x-rays, concluding that Adam has an accessory ossicle aka an extra bit of bone that is making his tendons strain when he runs (today it was painful even when he walked). He is going to need custom orthotic inserts in his shoes, which are covered by insurance but of course we're nowhere close to meeting our deductible so early in the year, so they're going to be expensive.

It was the end of the school day by the time we got out, so we stopped in a shoe store to get him new everyday shoes since we just got him new running shoes, but the shoe store guy said that since he'd probably need new running shoes again in two weeks when he gets the orthotic inserts, Adam decided he'll just wear his new running shoes to school for now. When we got home I started the laundries on which I am way behind and did exciting chores like that; I also took a walk while Adam went rollerblading which the podiatrist said is less of a strain on feet than running and Adam was itching to get some exercise. In the evening we watched the season premiere of Smash, which was so all over the place that I'm not sure what I think; I'm glad Derek is getting some flak for his horrible behavior last season, but I have very little sympathy for Julia or Ivy about anything at this point and Jennifer Hudson seems more like a distraction than a character.

I am fascinated and delighted not only by the discovery of Richard III but how interested so many people seem to be in the story (and the hilarious internet jokes, especially how much he owes on his parking spot). Here are some photos of Point of Rocks station, taken last November on the same day we visited Sugarloaf Mountain which isn't too far away. The Gothic Revival station was built by the B&O Railroad in the late 1800s at the split of the lines running to Baltimore and to Martinsburg, West Virginia from DC. I've wanted to visit it since we'd seen it in a Brunswick Railroad Museum display and in gingerbread.


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