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Poem for Monday and Brookside Heron

13 Nisan: Changing
By Rachel Barenblat

This is a story about change.
Look: the seas are parting.
It's happening now. Open your eyes.

We were slaves to a Pharaoh in Egypt
but God brought us out of there.
This is a story about change.

The womb which had kept us alive
became constricting.
It's happening now. Open your eyes.

It's time to forget our anxieties
and leap off the precipice.
This is a story about change.

Even God is all about change --
I Am Becoming Who I Am Becoming.
It's happening now. Open your eyes.

The moon is almost full
to light our wanderings.
This is a story about change.
It's happening now. Open your eyes.


The Velveteen Rabbi blogs that this is not-quite-a-villanelle, using repeated lines to echo the fact that every year we read the same seder story, yet every year we experience it differently.

Sunday was Paul's birthday, though we didn't do anything hugely exciting because we're going to look at colleges with Adam next week so we had a lot of chores to do (cleanup for our house-and-pet-sitter, shopping for the trip, etc.). We went to lunch at the Silver Diner -- he had a free meal coupon, both kids like it -- then went to World Market and Trader Joe's. In the afternoon we came home so Daniel could do homework, Paul could bake a flourless cake for Passover, and I could work on the Shutterfly book that needs to be finished Monday afternoon so I can get it with my free coupon there.

None of us was ravenous after going out to lunch, so we had bagels for dinner, then drove Daniel back to College Park so he can attend two crucial classes on Monday; we're hoping to pick him up for the seder, but snow is falling now and is supposed to get worse, so we're not sure what's going to happen. Adam is on break all week, so after Once Upon a Time, which was so slow I went looking for Les Mis jewelry on Etsy instead, we watched Super 8, which Adam had not seen (Abrams=No Spielberg but it's more watchable to me than Star Trek). A great blue heron at Brookside yesterday:


Have a lovely Passover if you celebrate!

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