The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and Mount Vernon Estate

By Lewis Carroll

Little maidens, when you look
On this little story-book,
Reading with attentive eye
Its enticing history,
Never think that hours of play
Are your only HOLIDAY,
And that in a HOUSE of joy
Lessons serve but to annoy:
If in any HOUSE you find
Children of a gentle mind,
Each the others pleasing ever--
Each the others vexing never--
Daily work and pastime daily
In their order taking gaily--
Then be very sure that they
Have a life of HOLIDAY.


Very gorgeous weather continued on Friday, with azaleas bursting into bloom all over our neighborhood and chipmunks, bunnies, squirrels, and a wide variety of birds were out enjoying themselves. I was busy at home all morning writing a review of Deep Space Nine's "Crossfire" -- an episode I don't mind admitting I loathe just as much now as I did when it first aired, even though I know that most of the things I feared would be permanent after it were not -- but then I got to go enjoy the sunshine. Adam's girlfriend came over before he got home from track practice, so I hung out with her for a while.

We (plus Adam and Maddy) had dinner with my parents, then we came home, watched Nikita before Maddy got picked up, and after she left we put on Kinsey which I didn't really expect Adam to watch with us because he rarely stays around for movies these days but he actually watched the whole thing. Today in politics/religion I am happy about Women of the Wall won their suit and a Jerusalem court has ruled that women praying out loud in prayer shawls at the Western Wall do not constitute a disturbance of the public order. Some more photos from Mount Vernon last weekend:


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