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Poem for Friday and Wheaton Turtles

A Sonnet from the Archives of Love's Failures, Volumes 1-3.5 Million
By Anne Boyer

If you were once inside my circle of love

and from this circle are now excluded,
and all my love's citizens I love more than you,
if you were once my lover but I've stopped
letting you, what is the view from outside

my love's limit? Does my love's interior emit
upward and cut into night? Do my charms,
investigations, and illnesses issue to the dark
that circles my circle? Do they bother

your sleep? And if you were once my friend
and are now my villainous foe, what stories
do you tell about how stupid those days
when I cared for you? Because I tell stories

of how you must tremble at my love's terrible walls,
how the memory of its interior you must always be eroding.


Our car was in for service so Paul worked at home and I got to have lunch with him after a not very exciting morning of writing and chores (laundry is folded, yay). The weather was gorgeous into the afternoon. Then we went to pick up the car, stopping at the food store first, and as we were coming out with the bags, the sky opened up. So I dropped Paul off to retrieve the car, drove to the high school to retrieve Adam so he didn't have to bike home in the pouring rain, and got to the front door just as the rain was ending for the day. No rainouts in the track meet or the two local home games: the Nationals won, the Orioles lost.

I did get to take a walk (the neighborhood bunnies did not mind the wet grass, and the squirrels and chipmunks seemed delighted) and we had orzo with fake chicken and Asiago for dinner. Then we watched the penultimate seasonal episodes of Beauty and the Beast (great) and Elementary (even better), my joyous Thursday night lineup with awesome women -- I can never decide which I like better, B&TB is more my kind of show but Joan Watson would make me forgive any number of murder mysteries and Jonny Lee Miller has never been better than he was in the last two minutes tonight. Next week the finales overlap, woe! Some Brookside Gardens turtles:


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