The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday

We Are The Magicians
By Tamara Cohen

We are the magicians
it is more than staff into snake we seek.

We dream a sentence into life.

We must.

We are skilled in the kitchen
of language and longing
baking leftover letters
into nourishment
for our hungry.

Miriam you are our finest
patchwork kittel
dusty scraps from history's cutting floor
silk like grandmother's lips
and new truths ablaze
with laughing
and the murmur of girls
studying Talmud and dance.

Miriam we kiss your fringes
gulp down the water
we bless with your name.

Miriam, on this night we are free
Five thousand years of desert
and now everywhere wells.


There is something wrong when I am relieved that Thanksgiving weekend is over and I don't have to see my relatives anymore. Now my in-laws want us to come up to their tiny new condo for Christmas and I am in utter dread of being in so confined a space even with them, when I get along with them very well and they generally stay completely out of my hair. Eep.

I think office_ennui and I are going to the movies tonight so I shall fixate on that! Because I need to see M&C again. Aubrey/Maturin *happy sigh* Anyone here willing to beta schmoop in that fandom, with possible high doses of OOC, out-of-period errors that, not having read the novels, I can't do a thing about, myself?

Thought from Elf: Is Zooey Deschanel Reese Witherspoon's sister?

My LOTR FPS Secret Santa assignment rocks. I am going to make me happier than my recipient, probably!

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