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Poem for Friday and National Zoo Beavers

My Love Sent Me a List
By Olena Kalytiak Davis

O my Love sent me a lusty list,
Did not compare me to a summer's day
Wrote not the beauty of mine eyes
But catalogued in a pretty detailed
And comprehensive way the way(s)
In which he was better than me.
"More capable of extra- and inter-
Polation. More well-traveled -rounded multi-
Lingual! More practiced in so many matters
More: physical, artistic, musical,
Politic(al) academic (I dare say!) social
(In many ways!) and (ditto!) sexual!"
And yet these mores undid but his own plea(s)(e)
And left, none-the-less, the Greater Moor of me.


Adam is now a high school senior, which is delightful for him and slightly traumatic for me. Since he is finished for the school year, I took both my kids plus their friend, our neighbor Daniel W, to the mall for lunch in the food court and some shopping, since Adam is overhauling his wardrobe -- today it involved getting new sneakers and some Old Navy's sale on shirts -- and I have now been in that Art of Shaving store, where a surprising number of women with kids were looking for Father's Day presents, whereas the guys I was with were more staring at the old fashioned razors like artifacts. Plus I was the oldest person in Urban Outfitters.

We could hear thunder while we were in Old Navy, and when I checked the radar the predicted huge storm system was moving into the area. We got home literally as the rain started to fall -- Paul beat us by a few minutes -- and watched the news as a tornado touched down near College Park. We had buckets of rain and branches falling onto the deck, but fortunately no trees down in our part of the neighborhood. Evening TV included a special on photographer Bob Gruen on Showtime and this week's DS9 episode, plus I showed Paul Russell Crowe on Jimmy Fallon. Here are some pics of the National Zoo beavers from last weekend:


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