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Poem for Wednesday, Gatsby, Great Falls Turtles

Sappho and Phaon: Sonnet III
By Mary Robinson

Turn to yon vale beneath, whose tangled shade
Excludes the blazing torch of noon-day light,
Where sportive Fawns, and dimpled Loves invite,
The bow'r of Pleasure opens to the glade:
Lull'd by soft flutes, on leaves of violets laid,
There witching beauty greets the ravish'd sight,
More gentle than the arbitress of night
In all her silv'ry panoply array'd!
The birds breathe bliss! light zephyrs kiss the ground,
Stealing the hyacinth's divine perfume;
While from the pellucid fountains glitt'ring round,
small tinkling rills bid rival flow'rets bloom!
Here, laughing Cupids bathe the bosom's wound;
There, tyrant passion finds a glorious tomb!


Another day of not much to report. I did work in the morning until my father picked up Daniel for lunch; then Adam and I had lunch and went out driving past Poolesville on Route 28, in light rain at some points and through construction with lane closures at others. After more than an hour of driving time we decided to go get frozen yogurt, then came home and took walks, him with the neighbor's dogs and myself admiring six bunnies.

After dinner, since it's free on Amazon Prime, we watched Clayton's 1974 The Great Gatsby with Redford, Farrow, and Waterston (plus Lois Chiles who might be the only person who could make me like Jordan Baker -- too bad Holly Harwood wasn't at J.R.'s funeral on Dallas). Adam was not impressed with the costumes or sets compared to Luhrmann's and the pace is pretty slow, but I like the performances and the Breakers mansion looks lovely.


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