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Poem for Friday, Bunnies, Real Steel

Love is a yearning
By Sri Aurobindo

Love is a yearning
Of the One
For the One.


Quickie because after many postponements due to a health crisis in her family, I finally got to spend the day with dementordelta! We were so overdue that we decided we needed to spend all our time eating pizza and watching Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman movies, particularly since Rusty and Jacko were both tweeting about cricket in London, though we didn't know at the time that they were watching it together. Of course we watched Les Miserables, plus State of Play and Real Steel since she hadn't seen either.

Since it was twelve million degrees -- fine, I think it only hit 96 -- we spent pretty much all our time indoors except when we walked a bit in the neighborhood to see bunnies (Adam and I had seen one early in the morning when I took him to an orthodontist appointment -- it was in among our neighbor's tomato plants, a fact I tried to pantomime to them through their kitchen window). We saw most of Blast Vegas but it was not nearly as hilariously bad as Sharknado. Here are some bunnies, including the tomato muncher:


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