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Greetings from Bloomington

Another quickie, this time from Bloomington, though I don't have a lot to report anyway because we spent most of the day driving here from Erie, stopping for lunch at an Ohio rest stop and then visiting mamadracula and her family when we arrived at Indiana University -- they fed us dinner and we walked a bit around with their dogs and saw thre bunnies and caught up on things since we last saw them and talked a bit about IU. More details on the campus tomorrow!

A bluejay stole some bread from my sandwich...

...and took it somewhere scenic to eat. (Insert Valjean joke here.)

This cardinal was angry about not getting to share. (Insert Javert joke here.)

We also stopped at this Ohio rest stop just over the border from Pennsylvania.

We stopped at this grocery store looking for possible desserts, though in the end we had homemade poppy seed cream cheese cake.

...where we saw this bunny and two others while walking the dogs.

Here is Adam playing with one of the dogs.

And here are myself and mamadracula.

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