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Poem for Friday and Indiana University

By Richard Aldington

Palace Music Hall—(Les Sylphides)
To Nijinsky

The little white lambs frisk
And flirt their woolen panties;
In meek and sleek sweet patterns
They group about their shepherd.

An elegant shepherd!

He trips like a young princess;
He has curls like a real Madonna.
And there he goes prancing
And dancing, and entrancing
A little pastoral lady.

But perhaps he is really a Panisk,
Running through tall white flowers
After a white mademoiselle butterfly.

He does not do it for money
As they other here have done;

He likes to jump and feel his legs.

And after all I think he is a fairy prince,
And the dance means that he has lost his kingdom
But that he will marry a king’s daughter.


Paul worked from home on Thursday so that in the early afternoon we could all take a ride over to the University of Maryland to leave a deposit on Daniel's off-campus apartment for the fall. Adam drove quite well on the Beltway in drizzle on the twisty part around the Mormon Temple. The complex where Daniel will be living is owned by the university, so it has very good security and is in the campus shuttle bus loop that also goes to the Metro, and it has a swimming pool, game room, fitness center, sand volleyball court, computer lab, and grills and picnic tables, plus the suites have full kitchens with dishwashers and washing machines. Not a bad life!

Our other expedition was to the pet store to keep our mewling family members from starving and to the food store to get stuff to take to the beach, though we realized we're going to need to go back for more stuff. It was a five-bunny day (possibly six, though I think one crossed the street to munch with his friend so I saw him in two different places). Adam went out with friends to see Pacific Rim. The rest of us were going to have cornmeal pancakes for Lughnasadh dinner, but we didn't have cornmeal, so we had regular pancakes and eggs; then we watched some DS9, some Orioles not sucking for a change, and some Comedy Central. Here are some photos from Indiana University:


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