The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Fair Pigs

We're All Ghosts Now
By Dara Wier

So says my friend who doesn’t know it now
But he’s been conscripted to say what I shouldn’t

Want anyone to say too soon, too suddenly, too many times
More than must be said. It’s a tall order, or as another friend says

A tall drink of water, otherwise: it’s plain & simple:
What anyone wants most of all.

Another friend tells me I’m easy and means something sweetly as when
One caves with the slightest shudder somehow thoroughly.

Another says what you say should be in a poem which means
Someone is taking for me the trouble to breathe, maybe fire.

Lucidity, quick and painlessly employed, kind of, as a kind nurse employs
Her rough pinch to be less strict than her needle’s as it settles into a vein

To take sufficient blood away somewhere to be deployed in centrifuge
To diagnose and otherwise and likewise and counterclockwise say, the way

Metaphor or blood can have the last word. In order to be sure of what the
Center is, everything has to spin away, I guess. Your words like a lost ghost

On a mission. I've never met a ghost who's not on a mission.
Why otherwise bother to be a ghost's ghost?

When we write to ghosts we write on stony water. One can skip a stone
In order to pretend to find ten thousands things.

Nearby is very close.
Nearby I take your words to water. My ghosts are growing restless.


It's tax-free shopping week in Maryland, so after they got back from lunch with my father while I got various things done, I took my kids out looking for back-to-school clothes. We met my mother at the mall and went to Old Navy, Sears, Macy's and Nordstrom, but the stores have almost no sweaters in stock and no winter coats, so we didn't accomplish much tax-free shopping. We did, however, accomplish frozen yogurt and figure out that it's Vineyard Vines who has whales on their (overpriced) shirts.

The weather was magnificent all day -- we had the windows open all afternoon and it actually got cool in the evening, so much so that Adam went out to cook hot dogs with his friend who is house-sitting for someone with a fire pit. I saw several bunnies in the afternoon and Adam saw another after dark running away from the front of our house as he brought me a s'more. We watched Broadchurch, which is very well-acted though not a happy show. From the county fair, some happy piggies:


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