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Poem for Sunday, College Park, Gatsby

By Carl Sandburg

The horse's name was Remorse.
There were people said, "Gee, what a nag!"
And they were Edgar Allan Poe bugs and so
They called him Remorse.
                                    When he was a gelding
He flashed his heels to other ponies
And threw dust in the noses of other ponies
And won his first race and his second
And another and another and hardly ever
Came under the wire behind the other runners.

And so, Remorse, who is gone, was the hero of a play
By Henry Blossom, who is now gone.
What is there to a monicker? Call me anything.
A nut, a cheese, something that the cat brought in. Nick me with any old name.
Class me up for a fish, a gorilla, a slant head, an egg, a ham.
Only ... slam me across the ears sometimes ... and hunt for a white star
In my forehead and twist the bang of my forelock around it.
Make a wish for me. Maybe I will light out like a streak of wind.


We spent most of Saturday shopping and moving Daniel's things back to College Park. He is in a fabulous new apartment, off-campus housing but owned by the University of Maryland, with lots of amenities that we got to see for the first time -- in addition to the swimming pool volleyball court, and picnic areas, there's a clubhouse with a plasma TV, game room, fitness center, study rooms, computers and a printer that's free for residents; the quad that Daniel is in has a full kitchen with dishwasher and microwave, two bathrooms, a living/dining room, and a washer/dryer. Paul and I didn't have the latter in our own space until we had a townhouse!

Since Daniel's bedroom has a double bed instead of a twin, we drove around Redskins traffic to Kohl's when we left campus to buy him a new comforter, plus we stopped in Best Buy to get screen protectors for our new phones (I'd already ordered a case after reading many reviews). Neither Daniel nor Adam's friend Daniel Wigle had seen The Great Gatsby, so we watched that on Video On Demand -- I still think it looks better than it plays, not sure anyone could make a movie that really captures the spirit of the book. With so many boys it was a noisy viewing with many comments about Gatsby's clothes! And the Redskins won well.

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