The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

Winter Solstice
By Suzanne E. Cole

Winter dark need not depress us;
we can trust its hushed waiting.
Under snowdrifts, roots
flourish to strengthen
the blooms of spring.
In the ashes, sparks glow
sufficient to rekindle fires.
In the stillness of our spirits,
creativity quickens.
We learn to appreciate the light
by cycling through the dark.
We won't hurry spring.
Winter's quiet blesses us too.


Birthday card from my husband, apaulled, who is taking me and the kids tonight to see Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley at their new CD launch party at a restaurant with chipotle chili:

Right now I must run as juleskicks and lohowarose are coming over! Squee! Though it is a somewhat sad day in our household, as my son's best friend from New Zealand is moving back there tomorrow forever. He slept over last night (family packed into a hotel room) and the kids were up all night talking; I hope they can keep their eyes open at school today and at the restaurant tonight.

I have gerbilfic and gerbilart and schmoop to pimp but will do that this afternoon, after I pick up the kids! Thanks everyone for the good wishes!

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