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Poem for Saturday, Montpelier, Par'mach, Prisoners of the Sun

The Lonely Hill
By RA Harris

Wild grow the poppies in Tunisian vale
Gracing the green of a fertile land
And here comes "Peace" to lay her veil
On the hill of the foes last stand. .

Out of the Plain reared the lonely hill
Like a breast bared to the sky
Its slopes clasped the fallen ever still
And its bosom echoed the swallow's cry.

Small sanctuary of a fallen dream
Last bastion to Enfidaville
Your crumbled fort is a desolate scene
Where all but the winds are still.

The winds will rise and the tall grass bend
To ripple like waves of the sea
And time will take the scars to mend
On the lonely hill of the free.


Friday was all work for me so I have not much entertainment to report. I finished a couple of articles, posted a review of Deep Space Nine's ostensibly comedic yet rather problematic "Looking for Par'mach in All the Wrong Places", and saw five bunnies despite all the work being done on the neighborhood sidewalks. We had dinner with my parents, with Adam regaling us with things he has learned in school that he thinks are stupid.

When we came home, we watched a bit of college football and a special on the Galapagos until animals started killing their young, then we put on Prisoners of the Sun which I had never seen despite its having both Russell Crowe and George Takei because I have a hard time stomaching war movies and this one was no exception -- it starts with corpses being dug up and follows the war crimes trial of the Japanese soldiers and officers accused of murdering Australian airmen. The acting is terrific but it's an upsetting story.

The front of Montpelier, the home of James and Dolley Madison.

Though Montpelier was the Madison family's historic home, it was later purchased by a DuPont who bred horses there.

Now there are deer living wild on the grounds...

...and well-fed squirrels.

The formal gardens have been fully restored...

...which were an interest of Madison's parents more than Madison himself.

Me with one of Dolley's dresses...
...and my kids with a bust of Madison.

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