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Poem for Wednesday and Pennsylvania Renfaire

By Khadijah Queen

Yes as thievery, except if saved for
a fantasy in which I in a backless
dress encounter

you on a typical balcony
overlooking Vltava, gripping the latticework,
metal, a barrier to leaping

into an esoteric night, fixed and ornate
enough, like my penchant for the infinite
within the singular, encounter you

as tributary, serpentine, the heat of your fingers
on my spine, my head turning
as you bend to catch the yes

I'd held latent, a mine you trigger with
your tongue, neither of us
mean to stop exploding.


"I made a fiction from a fantasy to enter through the truth of language," Queen told She is the author of Black Peculiar.

Tuesday was a work and catch-up day for me. I got some writing done; washed, dried, and folded two loads of laundry; sorted and uploaded many photos; chatted with several Renfaire cast members about the beastly weather this weekend and how brave they were to withstand it; and mostly caught up on e-mail, among other things. I slept terribly because my poison ivy itched, so since I'm still post-migraine, I stayed close to home.

The news, especially Syria, is stressing me out, so I am thrilled that Jon Stewart is back to put its coverage in perspective (and Colbert, re: chemical weapons vs. conventional weapons: "If America cared about shooting people, we'd be invading Chicago"). I still don't understand the attraction to Benedict Cumberbatch but I must admit that he seems great in the previews for The Fifth Estate. Some Pennsylvania Renfaire pics:

One of Queen Elizabeth's knights challenges an Irish knight who has sworn loyalty to Grace O'Malley.

At the Human Chess Match, the Queen was not impressed.

The Mud Pit had a different king...

...and Tartanic had a belly dancer.

Don Juan now has a pirate, a Native American, and a Viking in his show...all played by Miguel.

The Royal Falcons have moved to a smaller stage, meaning more people get to see them up close.

The Mudfaeries, whom we had not seen previously, were sculpting dragons in the Faery Ring.

Adam's girlfriend took this photo of our family by the gate.

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