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Poem for Monday, Boonesborough Days, South Mountain Creamery

You Cannot Put a Fire Out
By Emily Dickinson

You cannot put a fire out;
  A thing that can ignite
Can go, itself, without a fan
  Upon the slowest night.

You cannot fold a flood
  And put it in a drawer,—
Because the winds would find it out,
  And tell your cedar floor.


Sunday was as gorgeous a day as Saturday and younger son did not have cross country in the morning, so we got up early and went to the Boonesborough Days festival, the big craft-and-food fair in Washington County, which is awesome because it's free admission and pretty much all MD-VA-WV-PA vendors so everything is reasonably priced and locally sourced. We always go look for the honey vendors, who bring some of their bees with them, and the caramel corn, plus there's lots of affordable jewelry, woodcrafts, handmade purses/bags/quilts, and homemade soaps/perfumes. Most of the food is made and sold by local churches and civic organizations. From there we went to South Mountain Creamery, where we visited the calves and chickens before getting ice cream and lots of cheese to bring home. Some pictures:

Gourd art, handmade Barbie clothes, and paintings of local landmarks are some of the finds at Boonesborough Days.

The festival is held in a large local park with a creek running through the middle, which has play equipment, war memorials, picnic tables, lots of shade, and flush toilets.

An antique car show is held behind the tents with machines that grind corn meal and saw woodcrafts.

There's also a blacksmith working at the festival.

You can buy everything from hand-dipped candles to hand-quilted Baltimore Ravens blankets to hand-painted kitchen tiles to hand-wrought metalwork.

The chicks at South Mountain Creamery have their own Animal Planet web cam.

The calves are very friendly and like to taste visitors. Here I am being nibbled...

...and here is Adam being licked.

I am totally not ready for it to be fall, but at the same time it was fun to see all the Halloween crafts at the festival and I'm really not sorry it's football season even if it's currently politically incorrect to admit that I like to watch football. The Ravens blew their opening game on Thursday night and the Redskins play on Monday night, so we followed other teams -- we watched the end of the Green Bay game, then watched the entirety of the very messy Giants-Dallas game, which gave me hope that the Redskins could win the NFC East if RGIII can stay on his feet (again my policy is Anyone But Vick, even if it's Romo). We also put on the very end of the Orioles game when they had the bases loaded at the bottom of the 9th, but they managed to lose anyway, woe! At least the Nats won, and Serena won. Maybe Adam will win Monday at the Woodward Relays!

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