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Poem for Saturday 
Saturday, 13th December 2003 08:46 am

An Alpine Picture
By Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Stand here and look, and softly draw your breath
Lest the dread avalanche come crashing down!
How many leagues away is yonder town
Set flower-wise in the valley? Far beneath
Out feet lies summer; here a realm of death,
Where never flower has blossomed nor bird flown.
The ancient water-courses are all strown
With drifts of snow, fantastic wreath on wreath;
And peak on peak against the stainless blue
The Alps like towering campanili stand,
Wondrous, with pinnacles of frozen rain,
Silvery, crystal, like the prism in hue.
O tell me, love, if this be Switzerland --
Or is it but the frost-work on the pane?


There's a family learning day at my younger son's Hebrew school today, then my in-laws are coming, and my co-writer at Trek Nation won't be around today so I have to work. Meaning that I will be lucky to have five minutes to myself before, oh, 10 p.m. There is something wrong when I am looking forward to folding laundry as a moment of potential peace.

I still have all those comments in my inbox. Will get them answered very soon, I promise.

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