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Poem for Tuesday and Summertime Falls

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The post-equinox weather here was magnificent all day Monday -- not too warm, dry, with lots of squirrels and chipmunks running across the deck all day driving the cats crazy. (I have not seen the bunnies at all in a couple of days; I hope they are working on their winter nests and nothing bad has befallen them, given that our neighborhood is having issues with people refusing to obey the county law that requires cats be kept indoors unless leashed or on farms.) I got a little work done but I still feel slow and sluggish -- am hoping that's because I went completely Dayquil-free today and tomorrow the cough will be gone on its own. The Nationals and Orioles both lost very important games.

Not much else happened; I washed and folded laundry, took a walk and was briefly chased by a hummingbird, watched the second episode of Sleepy Hollow (which I am loving, particularly the two leads) and the first episode of The Blacklist (which gets one more week to impress me, but despite Spader, if it stays this violent and keeps reminding me so much of 24, I may not stick with it for long -- am trying to predict whether the Big Cliche will most likely be that he is her father or he killed her father and is making amends). Monday Night Football isn't over but looks like the Broncos will win easily. Some photos of Great Falls from July (it's a summer reruns week due to me being sick):

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