The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday, Locust Grove, Wolverine

Birding at the Dairy
By Sidney Wade

We're searching
for the single


we've heard

with thousands
of starlings

and brown-headed

when the many-
headed body

and undulates,

a sudden congress
of wings

in a maneuvering
wave that veers

and wheels, a fleet
and schooling swarm

in synchronous alarm,
a bloom radiating

in ribbons, in sheets,
in waterfall,

a murmuration
of birds

that turns
liquid in air,

that whooshes
like waves

on the shore,
or the breath

of a great
seething prayer.


Younger son took the SAT on Saturday morning (he'd taken it before, but he wanted to get his verbal score from good to near-perfect). Since they weren't administering the test at his high school, he took it at older son's high school in Silver Spring, and by the time he and his friend had been dismissed and gotten home, it was nearly 2 p.m. I thought I would distract myself with the MD-FSU game, but let's never mention it again -- hey, at least the Terps can never again lose by the biggest margin in the ACC after this year because they will no longer be in the ACC! We all had lunch and went to Locust Grove to see whether the trees were changing yet, which they are, even though it was over 80 degrees in the afternoon.


We had planned to have dinner with the whole family and out of town friends who didn't come because of the sequester, but we told Daniel we'd take him out to dinner anyway, so we went to Noodles & Co. in College Park with him while Adam was having dinner with his girlfriend, who took the SAT2 this morning. After we ate, we took Daniel food shopping -- I stopped in Best Buy next door to Shoppers Food Warehouse and found X-Men Origins: Wolverine for under $5 -- dropped him off, came home and watched The White Queen (which is doing a fine job making me hate ALL the characters, including the women) and eventually retrieved Adam. I put on the Wolverine DVD to make sure it worked, and now we are watching that!

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