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Poem for Friday and Streets of Annapolis

By Walt Whitman

Who has gone farthest? for I would go farther,
And who has been just? for I would be the most just person of the earth,
And who most cautious? for I would be more cautious,
And who has been happiest? O I think it is I—I think no one was ever happier than I,
And who has lavish'd all? for I lavish constantly the best I have,
And who proudest? for I think I have reason to be the proudest son alive—for I am the son of
      the brawny and tall-topt city,
And who has been bold and true? for I would be the boldest and truest being of the universe,
And who benevolent? for I would show more benevolence than all the rest,
And who has receiv'd the love of the most friends? for I know what it is to receive the passionate
      love of many friends,
And who possesses a perfect and enamour'd body? for I do not believe any one possesses a
      more perfect or enamour'd body than mine,
And who thinks the amplest thoughts? for I would surround those thoughts,
And who has made hymns fit for the earth? for I am mad with devouring ecstasy to make joyous
      hymns for the whole earth.


We had rain all night last night and it's still raining now, the remains of the tropical storm plus whatever's moving in from the north and west. Rather than drive in it after waking up to several alerts about crashes on the Beltway and the highways to Baltimore, I worked from home and stayed where it was warm, plus I tried to clean out the bathroom where one of the cat litterboxes is because I discovered that the sink vanity is stained. Clearly we need plastic there. I finally got enough Viggle points for a Barnes & Noble gift certificate, so I ordered the second and third seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender which I've wanted for ages (I watched parts of them with cidercupcakes). Though Viggle is driving me nuts with its must-watch ads that interrupt TV shows, so I think I'm going to stop using it.

We watched the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which I really wanted to like -- I love Alice, and I loved her on the show -- but it feels so entirely derivative of the show from which it spins off plus Tim Burton's movie that I'm not sure I will like it enough to stick with it. Then we watched The Crazy Ones, which I am not even sure I could summarize; I will always love Williams and Gellar but the weird flirty father-daughter dynamic isn't working for me. At least on Thursdays we get Elementary, which continues to be excellent on pretty much every level. Friday is Adam's homecoming football game and Paul and I are going to College Park to watch Daniel be honored for having the top project in his College Park Scholars program last year! Some Annapolis pics from Sunday:


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