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Poem for Wednesday and Rock Creek Park

A Poem for Hoshanna Rabbah
By Rachel Barenblat

My footsteps across
this patch of earth's scalp
release the scent of thyme.

Even in the rain
the squirrels have been busy
denuding the corncobs.

The wind has dangled
my autumn garlands. I untangle
them one last time.

Every day the sukkah becomes
more a sketch of itself.
The canvas walls dip

and drape, the cornstalks
wither, revealing more
of the variegated sky.

Today we ask God to save
this ark and all that it holds.
Today the penultimate taste

of honey on our bread.
Today we beat willow branches
until the leaves fall.

The end of this long walk
through fasts and feasts:
we're footsore, hearts weary

from pumping emotion. We yearn
to burrow into the soil
and close our eyes. We won't know

what's been planted in us
until the sting of horseradish
pulls us forth into freedom.


A poem by The Velveteen Rabbi.

I had a busy but really nice Tuesday in lovely, sunny weather! I'd had plans to meet up with perkypaduan, and it was vertigo66's birthday but she didn't have a lunch date, so we all ended up going to Tara Thai and having various awesome noodle and rice dishes and discussing colleges, the government shutdown, and hot men of fandom. Then the birthday girl had to go back to work, and the non-birthday girl and I stopped in Charming Charlie before she came back with me to entertain my cats and watch some Elementary which I discovered she had never seen.

apaulled and I spent some time making sure we understood the financial aid portions of Adam's college applications and how they affect early decision. We had chicken (well, fake chicken), spinach and orzo for dinner, watched this week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which held my interest passably but that's about it, then Monday's Beauty and the Beast which I love pretty much everything about (it's okay with me if Catherine and Vincent aren't always together, I love watching her and Tess do police work). Some Rock Creek Park pictures from the weekend:


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