The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Tuesday and Fall Farm Stand

Horse's Adventure
By Jason Bredle

The horse discovered a gateway to another
dimension, and with nothing else to do, moseyed
into it just for grins, and man, you
don’t even want to know what happened
next—it was just, like, Horse at the French
Revolution. Horse in Franco’s living room.
Horse on the moon. Horse in a supporting role
in an episode of ER. Horse being shot
out of a cannon. Horse on The Price Is Right.
Horse in a Whitesnake video. Horse
at Kennedy’s assassination. Horse in the Tet
Offensive. Horse at the Gap gawking at some
khaki pants. Horse in Julie Piepmeyer’s
bathroom. Horse being tossed out of an airplane
with a parachute strapped to its back, plummeting
toward Nebraska. Horse on Capitol Hill
(Yes, I’d like the floor to recognize
the distinguished horse from Arizona). Horse
on the subway. Horse authorizing a peace treaty
between the U.S. and Iraq. Horse
in the Evansville State Hospital. Horse caught up
in a White Hen robbery. Horse in the Kentucky
Derby. Horse staring at the merry-go-round
at King’s Island in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The list goes on and on. And so goes
the horse’s adventure, where one minute
it’s standing next to Pat Sajak and with a violent
flash like that of a murderous camera or the twirling
screen and music of a Batman episode
it’s standing in the middle of US-23
with a screaming motorist speeding toward it.
And this horse, whirling through dimension
after dimension, spiraling carmines, suicidal
jasmines, and mathematical theorems tornadoing
past it, being placed in situation
after situation—what had it learned
when all was said and done and it was back
at Tom Wallace’s farm? Nothing is better
than Rachel Wallace while they stand in the barn
in the middle of February and she draws pictures of it
to take to school tomorrow.


I do not like Eastern Standard Time. I don't care how dark it is in the morning, I'm not a morning person no matter what, but when it's dark in the early evening and eventually the late afternoon, I get depressed. I had piles of in-the-house stuff to get done on Monday, and it was chilly outside, and it was chilly inside, and although cold weather itself does not bother me, I want my light back. I did a bunch of work and a bunch of laundry and, having taken apart a vintage Winnie the Pooh bracelet last week so I could put the charms on a more colorful charm bracelet, I put Barbie shoes and lots of pink on the leftover gold-tone bracelet, so I feel accomplished.

We had Indian food for dinner for Diwali, and Paul tried to make parkin cake for Bonfire Night on Tuesday, but the cake somehow overflowed the pan in the oven and we ended up with burnt cake and a house full of smoke! We'll have to console ourselves with traditional British alcohol. I remembered to post on Facebook but keep forgetting to post here my two favorite bits of Les Mis goofiness that surfaced recently, the Sesame Street and Animaniacs versions. Here are some photos from our local fruit stand which closed for the winter on Halloween, so the pics are already a bit out of season, but I wanted to post them before they're completely out of season:


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