The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday, Sugarloaf, Les Mis

By Thomas Hood

     No sun-no moon!
     No morn-no noon-
No dawn-
     No sky-no earthly view-
     No distance looking blue-
No road-no street-no "t'other side the way"-
     No end to any Row-
     No indications where the Crescents go-
     No top to any steeple-
No recognitions of familiar people-
     No courtesies for showing 'em-
     No knowing 'em!
No traveling at all-no locomotion,
No inkling of the way-no notion-
     "No go"-by land or ocean-
     No mail-no post-
     No news from any foreign coast-
No park-no ring-no afternoon gentility-
     No company-no nobility-
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member-
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,


I slept late after a late election night (still no winner in the Virginia attorney general's race; there's going to be a recount, it's a couple hundred vote margin) and had an awesome heist movie dream that unfortunately I don't remember. I had a bunch of work to do, then my mother invited me out for froyo at the mall and we wandered into a couple of stores -- she got me a Chanukah present I will pretend not to know about and I got myself a sweater on sale at Old Navy.

It was insanely gorgeous yet again, with high puffy clouds during the day and a stunning pink-to-violet sunset in the evening. I was out late enough for the bunnies to appear as well as the deer. Since Nashville was not on due to the CMA awards, Delta and I decided to watch Les Mis (not in the same room or even in the same city, but that did not stop us from making simultaneous comments about Hugh Jackman's butt) -- younger son is mocking this but I don't care!


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